Carlitos Calderón announces that he will be a father for the first time

. Carlitos Calderón will soon welcome his first child into the world.

Carlitos Calderón, the talented and charismatic presenter of the show “Despierta América”, is celebrating after making himself known that he will be a father for the first time, the result of his commitment to the model and actress Vanessa Lyon.

With the humor that characterizes him, Calderón announced this Thursday, July 15, in the broadcast of “Despierta América” that he was already urging the birth of Francisca Lachapel’s son in order to reveal the news of his fiancée’s pregnancy.

“We were already urging Gennaro to be born because we couldn’t break the news. We did not want to take that role away from our beloved Francisca ”, affirmed the Mexican interpreter.


Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon announce their pregnancy: “I’m going to be the most famous father on TV” Carlos Calderón seized the cameras and the attention of all his teammates from Despierta América, who were not expecting the great surprise he had in store for them. Hand in hand with his girlfriend, Vanessa Lyon, the Mexican driver announced that they will be parents and told why they kept the secret for so long. #DespiertaAmerica SUBSCRIBE…2021-07-15T14:42:56Z

When asked about how long she has been pregnant, Lyon confessed on the Univision morning show that she is in her eighth month of pregnancy.

The happy couple found out on New Year’s Eve that they were in sweet expectation of their first child together. At that time, the Venezuelan-born actress underwent several home pregnancy tests that yielded positive results.

Carlitos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon have been together since 2020, but it was at the beginning of January that they decided to make their love affair public.

The Univision website reported that Calderón and Lyon met in Mexico thanks to Cristy Bernal, Alan Tacher’s wife. Years later, the couple had several dates in cities such as Los Angeles and Miami.

The Univision star came to think that he would not become a father

Carlitos Calderón confessed in an interview with People en Español magazine that he came to think that his age was an impediment to realizing his dream of becoming a father: “I had already discarded it, I even thought that I could not have children for my sake. age”.

The Mexican-born television presenter confessed to the American publication that there are only forty days to welcome his first-born.

Calderón will reach 48 years of age in October, a celebration that will come in the middle of his first months as a father.

Carlitos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon got engaged in Florida

At the beginning of May, Carlitos Calderón proposed to Vanessa Lyon aboard a helicopter on a romantic evening in the city of Miami.

In a recent interview with People en Español, Calderón admitted that both he and his fiancee are focused on the pregnancy stage, so their wedding plans were postponed until further notice.

“We thought about doing the wedding, but the two of us don’t want to do a wedding with a belly. We better wait. We are focused on the baby shower and that has been our focus, “said the television host in the statements he offered to the magazine.

Vanessa Lyon is a Venezuelan model and actress

Vanessa Lyon is a model and actress who has participated in major Hollywood productions such as the television series “Bronx SIU” and “Gone,” according to the MamásLatinas website.

In the Latin market, Lyon participated in television commercials for companies such as Toyota and in dramatic productions of Televisa such as the telenovela “Sleeping with my boss”.

Currently, the star resides in the city of Miami with her fiancé Carlitos Calderón. However, he does not rule out the possibility of continuing to participate in audiovisual productions in California.

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