Fantastic Four Comic Review # 31, by Dan Slott

cover comic 4f # 31

Original edition: Fantastic Four 29
Departure date: 17 Jun. 2021
Script: Dan Slott
He drew: Zé Carlos
Format: Staple. 24 pps
Price: € 3.00

One more month we return to the staple of the first Marvel family, in this case we make a crossing with the Rey de Negro macro event. We are going to delve into the event from the point of view of the fantastic quartet, which plays a prominent role in the core miniseries of the same name but in a very organic way, that is, we continue right where we left off in the previous issue, where our protagonists They put an end to the confrontation against La mourner and saved hundreds of species that appeared in the worlds created by Franklin Richards.

Staple begins (Eye, contains spoilers, in case you haven’t read this issue yet, skip this part) with our protagonists rebuilding their headquarters that they used as a decoy to defeat La Doliente and they have lost part of their material assets. To disconnect and get closer to Heaven, her partner, Johnny Storm, takes her shopping, spending a magnificent evening … until they witness a mysterious rain: one of symbiote dragons !!

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interior comic 4f # 31_4interior comic 4f # 31_4On general lines, It is a staple with a lot of action and we are going to see the Fantastic 4 in their sauce, distributing cane, until the usual separation of the quartet into two parts: the physical part (The Thing and the Human Torch) and the Intellectual part (Reed and Sue) and we are interspersing the action generated in both parts, pure 4F very popcorn and enjoyable. As a fact to take into account, this staple covers up to number 2 of the core miniseries, so the plot progresses very quickly. An ideal staple to make a recognition or a tasting of what the monthly staple is like in case you are curious.

We can not forget highlight to the most important characters inside the staple. During the first quarter we will witness the union that exists between Johnny Storm and his current partner Cielo, in a vignette to fully immerse ourselves in the apocalyptic panorama where we are going to see how the fantastic quartet executes several plans to try to stop the advance of the symbiotic creatures by pulling their shoulders together with other superheroes, occupying the remaining three-quarters of the staple , marvelous.

interior comic 4f # 31_1interior comic 4f # 31_1In charge of the pencils, we have Zé Carlos, an old acquaintance of the collection, who does a wonderful job supplying RB Silva’s square, showing great knowledge about the characters he draws, differentiating them greatly with a clean line and great control of proportions. Highlight their versions of Miss Marvel and Wolverine, they are very good. Special mention to the cover of the comic by Mark Brooks that pays tribute to the art of the great Alex Ross.

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interior comic 4f # 31_3interior comic 4f # 31_3If you want to see a classic number of the 4F but with today’s authors, this is your staple. An unpretentious staple, where Slott gives the opportunity to better know the personal side of his protagonists and plunges us into the darkness of the King in Black and we will see some other character dominated by a symbiote (I will not say anything more so that you do not ruin the surprise). It has left me feeling good and I am eager to read the next part that is exciting. 100% summer reading: fresh and enjoyable.

You can purchase “Fantastic Four No. 31” here.

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