Great Britain F1 GP | Hamilton-Verstappen, third and final assault

Friday morning Verstappen surpassed Hamilton by 7 tenths in the Free 1 and was placed as a great favorite to all this weekend. In the afternoon, he made a mistake in the last corner and Hamilton surprised him by snatching the first position in the standings. And this Saturday, in the qualifying sprint race that I had to order the grid for this Sunday’s race, Lewis went wrong and Max took advantage of it to take the pole. After such an exchange of blows, it seems clear that the Briton, before his fans, will want to return the right hand to the leader of the world, which this Saturday extended its advantage in the general to 33 points compared to the champion when adding the 3 points that the pole awarded, for the 2 that the Stevenage being second.

Hamilton he regretted what had happened. He said that he had not made any mistake in the start and that it hurt him to lose that position. And after that, he said that it was impossible to reach Red bull because of how difficult it is to follow the car in front on this track. “It’s only one point, but all points count. This Sunday we will fight again, but (the Red Bulls) are very strong in the race. Max was moving away from me and it was impossible to follow him. We have to try to be ahead in some way. He had a great start, a good job with the engine, so we will have to work to try to improve that, because losing positions is never a good thing ”he commented.

Despite the improvements brought by Mercedes to this track, the car of Verstappen exhibited better race pace this weekend, while Lewis showed more top speed on the straight. With this experimental Grand Prix format, the cars cannot be modified from the end of Free Practice 1, so the Dutchman will have to defend his position tooth and nail on Sunday’s first lap. What is clear is that Hamilton will try to get the car to Max in the first meters. That must be your great asset.

“I hope so. I wish we could repeat today’s outing. But luckily we have it tomorrow ”, said the Englishman on Saturday., already thinking of countering his opponent. His best chance to do so is at the start, because if not, the 23-year-old could escape alone.

Verstappen, alone before the two Mercedes

A) Yes, the start of the Grand Prix this Sunday seems exciting, with Verstappen against the two Mercedes, Hamilton (2nd) and Bottas (3rd), something that may allow the star’s team to choose two different strategies to tickle the leader. Pérez, his teammate, suffered a spin this Saturday in the sprint classification and will start last. Thus, Max will be alone in the face of danger in search of his fourth consecutive victory, the fifth in the last 6 races and the sixth in a row for Red Bull. At Mercedes’ house that would be a very difficult blow to digest

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