Great Britain F1 GP | Verstappen, pole and Alonso show in the sprint race

The sprint qualifying race experiment is designed to add some extra show to the weekend of Formula 1. And in the first such race in F1 history, the show put him Fernando Alonso. Beyond Verstappen’s great start and how bad Hamilton came out on a date in which the Dutchman took pole ahead of the Englishman, Fernando put the magic on and the rest had to applaud him with a spectacular start in which he advanced 6 positions , from the 11th to the fifth place. An atrocity.

F1 World Ranking

We warned you on Friday, with a lower car in terms of pace in relation to the best in the middle zone, the new experimental format that F1 tests this weekend in the British GP, it opened to Fernando Alonso a double chance to win positions that the pace of your car does not allow you. He was able to regain places at the stationary start of the new sprint qualifying race this Saturday, and at the stationary start of the race on Sunday. “The start is that moment in the race where you need to improvise a bit and you need to be creative. There is no tire performance or car performance, it does not count there. It’s just you and your instinct. So I have fun with these kinds of laps”, Said the Spaniard weeks ago. And he showed it again this Saturday with some spectacular first meters, going from eleventh position to fifth place in the first corners, giving a real display of late braking and different lines.

Apart from Bottas, who came out with the soft used from third place with the unfulfilled objective of attacking Verstappen, Fernando was the first to come out with new soft tires on the attack, with little to lose and much to gain. He started 11th and wanted to enter the points zone to defend himself in Sunday’s race. And he went for all, with the knife between his teeth. He knew that he had to attack to the maximum for the risk of putting the soft tires.

It was estimated that the soft ones would last between 14 and 18 laps, and the race was 17. It was going to be complicated, but the Asturian was willing to achieve it. He had to attack at the beginning and manage tires at the end so as not to suffer and lose positions with the degradation of the tires. And he went for it without thinking. Proasted Vettel in the first few meters and Sainz on the outside in Turn 1, where he ran parallel to Russell before Turn 2. Then he lengthened the braking and the traced on the outside to stand next to Ricciardo, which he also surpassed on the inside, and then overtake Pérez on the inside and Norris on the outside in the next two corners with two spectacular stops. It was thus placed fifth in the wake of Leclerc. Brutal.

Final result of the 2021 F1 British GP sprint qualifying race

Defense with less weapons

But there, he had to prepare to suffer. He knew that was not his real position. That with his hands he had taken a slice of something that his mechanics do not allow him. He had cars much faster than his Alpine right behind him. It started to zigzag so that Norris did not take his aspiration, trying to delay something that seemed inevitable, to exceed the Mclaren of English. Finally, on lap 9 they had already overtaken him Landau Y Daniel Ricciardo. But Alonso, far from letting the Australian go due to the superiority of the English car, stuck to Daniel and tried to pass him on the outside on up to two occasions, giving a show left and right.

However, he was unable to put the ex-Renault back on track and had to focus on defending his seventh position, a miracle considering he had started 11th. Vettel was after him, with a middle wheel in much better condition. Alonso had to remove the shield and create a wall before the German with the few tools he had. And finally, he did it. He will start 7th after standing firm against Vettel’s harassment.

Sainz and Pérez, the worst unemployed

Carlos Sainz and ‘Checo’ Pérez they were the worst unemployed in this first sprint race in F1 history. First, it was the turn of the Spaniard, who saw how George Russell hit him on the inside and forced him to go off the track in the first few meters. The Madrilenian, who started ninth, then dropped to 13th place, but at least managed to minimize the loss by recovering two positions to finish 11th.

But things were much worse for the Mexican ‘Czech’ Pérez, that following in the wake of Norris in the famous links of Silverstone, lost downforce due to dirty air from the car in front and went to gravel, something for which he was unable to continue.

Verstappen, more leader already for the victory

What an exchange of blows are being seen in this F1 World Cup. Yesterday, Hamilton gave a cry of joy in the classification when obtaining the first position before Verstappen. And just a day later, Max stole his wallet from his fans at the start, taking advantage of the fact that Lewis was stuck in the first few meters. In this way, Max achieved pole position to start from the first position this Sunday to increase his leadership of the World Championship: Max seeks his fourth consecutive victory and the sixth followed by Red bull. He will do it only in the face of the danger of both Mercedes. This Saturday, those from Brackley wanted to risk putting used soft tires on Bottas’s car so that it would go to Max, but the experiment turned out to be a frog. This Sunday, those of the star will try again in a clear two against one. But Verstappen, with a great race pace, is a favorite.

The outing will be exciting again. Hamilton you know that most of your options go through the first few corners. Lewis He wants to hit back at his opponent, who for the moment is one more point leader in the World Cup by taking the 3 extra points that this new and experimental qualifying race grants. Verstappen faces the appointment of this Sunday with 33 margin points over Hamilton. Keep the party going!.

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