Instagram launches a function to check if the account has been hacked

The ‘Security Checkup’ option aims to improve the security of the application

The company never contacts users through direct messages

The social network Instagram has launched its new quick security check feature, with which guides people whose accounts have been hacked and informs them of the steps necessary to secure them.

Quick safety check or Security Checkup’s main goal is “to help people keep their Instagram accounts safe”, as the company has assured through a statement.

To help people whose accounts have been exposed, steps to secure them include activity check of your login, the review of profile information, confirming the accounts that share login information, and the update contact information for account recovery, as well as the phone number or email.

However, the social network has reminded users that it has other security mechanisms, and has recommended enabling two-step authentication through WhatsApp accounts or phone number, as well as updating the associated phone number and email.

Instagram has warned that will never contact users by direct message, in the face of an increase in recent months in malicious accounts that send direct messages to people to provide them with confidential information, such as their username and password. The social network only contacts the user through the ‘Instagram emails’ tab.

Users also have the possibility to report suspicious content and accounts, the option to activate the login request to confirm that accesses to the account come from the owner.

For its part, the Support Mailbox has also added changes so that you can find the most recent information about what is happening with the user’s complaints, or find out if any of their publications violate the policies

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