Internxt Photos is the real alternative to Google’s proposal

Fran Villalba is the founder and CEO of Internxt, a company that has come to hit the table in the way we interact with the network. And more specifically in the way we store our files. Answer our questions and tell us about the role you want to start your company in the process of growth.

Internxt, a solid proposal for any user

Internxt is growing at a good pace, what is the future challenge?

«Internxt has been focused on its Drive project, for cloud storage, and our goal is to create an alternative GSuite to Google. We launched Internxt Photos in May, right now that Google Photos is starting to be paid. It has the same characteristics, but when using blockchain technology no one else sees your photos. Now we are working on a project similar to WeTransfer. We want to reach and exceed one million active users by the end of the year. “

How and how safe is it to use your cloud services?

“The usual storage companies like Google, Dropbox or Amazon what they do is use you as a means to an end. They mine your data to sell it to third parties. Internxt is not like that, files are encrypted and fragmented. In such a way that what a server ends up having is a piece of an encrypted file. We are safer than any other service because we are not interested in your files, your emails or anything about you, only to provide a service. Little by little the product is improving, our profile now is that of people who are very concerned about their privacy. Companies like Google have thousands of people working, we are in that line and every time we hire more people to offer faster and better service. Our goal is to reach the general public, in such a way that it does not find differences between one service and another. “

Despite the growth, is Internxt still in Valencia?

«Yes, we are all working from Valencia.»

The Spanish user, should they still educate themselves regarding the treatment of privacy?

“Usually people are not careful and then they find that their social networks have been hacked and their passwords taken. That is not a good thing, but little by little there seems to be a greater awareness. And as I mentioned before, our objective is to attract the general public. We have a good projection for the future and we intend to grow a lot next year. “

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