Jake Paul vs. Woodley: Jake Paul Threatens Tyron Woodley: “A Disney Star Boxer Will Send You Into Retirement”

Jake Paul is confident of beating Tyron Woodley in their fight. .

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley They are ready for their fight on August 29, where more than winning they will fight for pride. A combat that has YouTuber trusting and assured that it would end the ex-UFC career.

At the press conference of his fight with The ShowTime Boxing, The Problem Child pointed out that I will have no mercy on him. and it will give you a concussion.

“A boxer from YouTube star Disney will send him into retirement. Your run is over, I’ma bounce your brain on your skill [y darte] an instant concussion.

Jake didn’t keep anything and He even revealed in which round to finish the fight by way of the KO.

“You have never been in a fight like this, you’ve never been in a fight on this scale. You will see that I will give him a boxing class and this man will not go more than three rounds. “

On the other hand, Jake mentioned that his training has been with the best fighters out there and who after his victory will finally take him seriously.

“I think the secret is out of the bag; I’m sparring with some of the best fighters in the world and when I’m done with Tyron people will say that I am the real one. Take him into deep water and make him drown; this is my decisive fight. “

The Chosen One also talked about the reaction people have had with his fight and that most expect him to win by KO against Jake.

“Everything you’ve just written, written, and practiced in the mirror, trembles as you say it. This is a fight, this is not for playing, this is real. So many people come up to me every day and tell me you have to knock him out. Talk about money or influence, but when you talk about fighting you can’t talk to me. “

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