James Gunn leaves his future with Marvel up in the air after passing through DC

In the history of entertainment, few people have been fortunate enough to work with Marvel and DC, the two houses of the world’s most popular superheroes. The most recent on the list is James Gunn. The aforementioned directed the feature films Guardians of the Galaxy and now The Suicide Squad. Of course, there was a unique opportunity to ask him what are the differences of working with such different companies.

Marvel superheroes have proven to be a money making machine. Marvel Studios has managed to deliver multiple blockbusters to create one of the most successful universes in movie history. DC, on the other hand, has experienced a period of turbulence on the big screen due to the questionable decisions of Warner Bros. Fortunately, in recent years it seems to have taken a positive direction. Signing James Gunn, in fact, was one of his best moves.

In an interview with The New York Times, James Gunn revealed what the differences are in joining forces with Marvel Studios or with DC. According to the filmmaker, a key disparity is that Kevin Feige, director of Marvel Studios, is more involved in the editing of a film, while the directors of Warner stay away from this stage. Of course, it may be the privileged case of The Suicide Squad, because we know beforehand that Zack Snyder and Warner had a myriad of creative differences with the Justice League.

James Gunn notes that Kevin Feige brings more ideas, although it does not force to take them. However, he also acknowledges that in Guardians of the Galaxy he had some drawbacks due to the magnitude of the project and the learning curve involved in debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “If you saw the first Guardians 1 footage, you had more problems, because that was the first time that I did something so gigantic and there is some learning about what works and what doesn’t,” adding:

“The truth is, as Marvel progresses and Kevin Feige begins to accumulate ownership of half of all movies overall, he is more dispersed.”

Is James Gunn’s goodbye at Marvel coming?

Be careful with the following. When asked if he will return to the ranks of Marvel Studios after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the director hinted at his final goodbye. “I have no idea what I’m going to do. For me, Guardians 3 is probably the last. I don’t know if I’ll do it again [trabajar con Marvel]What is certain is that James Gunn has a second project with DC: the Peacemaker (John Cena) series for HBO Max.

One of the reasons James Gunn would prefer to stay with Warner is because believes that the future of DC will be more flexible to translate their ideas thanks to the multiverse. “I think because of the ability to do different things in the DC multiverse, it’s fun. They’re starting to look a lot like their comics. The Marvel Universe has always had a bit more cohesion, and DC has had more independent runs. They had. The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen. They had The Killing Joke and Swamp Thing by Alan Moore. The fact that they made Joker, which is a totally different kind of movie, is great to me. I’m so excited about Matt’s movie [refiriéndose a The Batman de Matt Reeves]. They are involving some really good filmmakers, “he concluded.

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