Jefferson Lerma and Davinson Sánchez: these are their chances to get to Spanish football

Negotiations advance

In the last hours, rumors emerged that would bring Jefferson Lerma and Davinson Sánchez closer to La Liga de España. Both Colombians could leave the English rent for the 21/22 season, although the economic consequences of the pandemic continue to hit European football. Because of this, the formula for said negotiations would include exchanges, transfer offers and the search to reach agreements that are favorable to the clubs involved. For now there are no final offers, but it has been known from Transfermarkt that both Sánchez and Lerma have control over the situation.

Sánchez could go to Seville as part of payment

It recently came to light that Tottenham of the Premier League would be interested in Jules Koundé, a 22-year-old French central defender who plays for Sevilla. In that sense, according to the Win Sports journalist, Felipe Sierra, the English would have offered a sum of 30 million euros plus Davinson Sánchez’s pass as part of payment. Likewise, as Sierra stated, there would already be an agreement between the teams under those terms, but the French defender would have given his initial refusal for the transfer.

It should also be taken into account that Sánchez is valued at 32 million euros, his lowest figure since he arrived in England. And it is that unlike that, Koundé has a current valuation of 60 million euros, a figure that puts him as the fifth most valuable central defender in the world and, therefore, the best-valued player of his club, being even twice that valuable than Davinson Sánchez.

Player comparison

Tottenham Hotspur

Sevilla FC

32,00 mill. €


60,00 mill. €

Central defense


Central defense


Contract Until


Complete player comparison

Jefferson Lerma, looking for his perfect opportunity

Another rumor that has interested the Colombian public is that of Jefferson Lerma and his imminent possibility of joining Valencia. Felipe Sierra assured that “Valencia wants the player and the player wants to arrive”, in addition to revealing that there have already been negotiations and proposals between the Spanish team and the Bournemouth player. However, having a current contract for two more years, a large sale would be almost a utopia, considering the financial crisis of the Mestalla team.

However, for Sierra a one-year assignment with a purchase option is likely. And it is that, according to him, Lerma has already decided that he wants to change squad by not being able to ascend to the Premier League; this added to the great interest of Valencia for its services and the need to sell it before its contract runs out and there is no guaranteed buyer. Spanish football would be a great possibility, because “Lerma wants to continue in force to get to the Colombian National Team.”

Felipe Sierra said that “The player has been one of the most affected by the pandemic.” This is due to the fact that Lerma has not been able to be sold in a good quantity and its potential has been affected in the second division. Sierra even recalled that for last season, the coffee soccer player was Manchester United’s first choice, but this denial could not be given because there was no contract termination agreement with Nemanja Matic, a 32-year-old Serbian midfielder.

Now, Lerma would have rejected an offer from the Turkish Galatasaray and Valencia pica ría en punta to be his new destination, noting that Bournemouth acquired it for 28 million euros for the 18/19 season, a factor for which he would like to recover some of said investment, although it does not exceed the initial expectations of your arrival.


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