just 10% of iPhone 12 sales

We have been months talking about the fiasco that the iPhone 12 Mini has meant for Apple. And it is that, remember, the expectations not only of those of Cupertino, but also of many market analysts pointed very high, and there was no lack of reasons for this. However, and perhaps because the market is unpredictable, or because some key aspects were not taken into account, the one that aimed to be the best-selling model (or at least to be among the first two) of this generation of iPhone, was has been far behind.

So far we had some information about it, but we were missing some numbers. However, thanks to a statistic published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and echoed by Gizchina, we can already quantify the disappointment. And before going to review and assess the figures, I can tell you that I fully understand Apple’s disappointment with the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini, and that although it will probably repeat in the next generation, that of the 13, things have to change a lot to that can go further.

And, if we see the total sales of this generation of Apple’s smartphone in all its versions, we see that the iPhone 12 Mini only represents around 10% from the same. Yes, only one in ten iPhone 12s sold is an iPhone 12 Mini. If we take into account that, as I mentioned before, Apple expected it to be the best-selling model, it does not take many laps to reach the conclusion that this has been quite upsetting in Cupertino.

The study published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners gives us other very interesting data. To understand it, of course, we must bear in mind that it is not limited to evaluating the sales of the last generation, but it collects all versions that can be purchased, even if not globally. Thus, in their tables we find the following models:

iPhone 8/8 Plus. iPhone XR. iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone SE. iPhone 12. iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro Max. iPhone 12 Mini.

And I quote all the versions of the iPhone that enter the tables of this study because, when checking the percentage of sales that the iPhone 12 Mini represents in the aggregate, we find that it remains at a more than surprising 5%. Yes, many people prefer to buy an iPhone of previous generations, even if it is not compatible with 5G networks, than to get an iPhone 12 Mini.

At the other extreme we find the numerical value of another surprise, this positive one for Apple, and it is the position of the iPhone 12 Pro Max in sales. And is that with 23% of the market share, it is the best-selling model of its generation, and only the iPhone 11, with more than a year and a half of presence in the market, comes close to its sales.

And what conclusion can we draw from this? Well what screen size matters, and a lot. And it is that otherwise, the specifications of the iPhone 12 Mini are similar to those of the iPhone 12, with only two exceptions: the size of the battery and the size of the screen. minors in both cases. The interest in folding and rolling screens is a clear sign that users want larger screens, and the sales of the iPhone 12 Pro Max indicate that they are willing to assume that the size of their devices will be greater.

Of which there is no doubt is that Apple will have learned from experience And, in its plans to accelerate the production of the next generation of iPhone, it will have prioritized the larger versions, over the hypothetical iPhone 13 Mini that we still expect to find in the September presentation.

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