Kelvin Renteria receives a message Who is it?

Telemundo Kelvin Renteria returns to Team Contendientes in the fifth season of Exatlon USA.

The fifth season of the Telemundo network’s competition program, Exatlon United States, is at a crucial moment, just over a month away from ending a particularly long and unprecedented edition, which has featured different situations that we are sure will mark a before and after in the history of sports reality.

Kelvin Renteria: A “Cowboy” with a lot of punch

Nicknamed “El Vaquero” for his everlasting hat, Kelvin Noeh Renteria is a familiar face in the fierce sands of Exatlon United States. At the age of 30, this Mexican from Dallas, Texas was one of the favorites to win the third season of the competition, an intelligent and versatile man, who in a second opportunity within the contenders has shown his forceful claw, his leadership, and he is comfortably positioned to possibly approach the competition’s grand finale, he even has a safe conduct medal!

Something that we must make clear is that at this crucial stage, El Vaquero has not rested on his laurels after a fight that has been going on for 25 weeks, but of course, after so long away from home, that support from the most special beings he begins to be surprised and that is why two of the most important people in the life of Kelvin Renteria decided to send him a heartfelt message that reached directly to the sands of the Dominican Republic.

“Son, I’m very proud of you, because you’ve really wanted to be where you are right now, Cowboy. And I hope, and I want you to make it to the final. I love you very much, my child and with your effort and dedication I know that you are going to arrive. ” Kelvin Renteria’s mother, named Hilda, said, while his brother, whose name is Aldo, indicated that like his mother he unconditionally supports Kelvin and that as the months go by, he has been able to see the Cowboy take the best version of himself and give everything in the dreaded arenas to achieve the longed-for glory and caress the honeys of triumph in Exatlon United States.

Regarding the emotional message, the followers on the Exatlon United States Instagram profile only had words of support and encouragement for Kelvin: “The cowboy is a tough one, I’ll see you in the final too💪💙🤠” said a fan, while that another forcefully confessed that: “Well, my rooster as the Mexicans say is KEVIN 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🗨💙💙.”

And the thing is that we have no doubt about something, Kelvin Renteria set foot again in the Dominican Republic with the sole objective of finally being the champion of Exatlon United States, and is steadily ready to achieve it with all the tools we know: claw, strength, physical dexterity, emotional balance and a lot of decision, not in vain has he become a leader for his team in a crucial and definitive stage, where the future of each athlete who little by little is approaching to reach the goal they set will be defined. last January, when it all started.

Keep going Kelvin!

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