Mozilla VPN is now available in Spain

It has been expected, but Mozilla VPN it is already available in Spain. This is the virtual private network service announced by the company last year, thus materializing at least one of the ideas around that Firefox Premium that were invented with the aim of trying to ensure the survival of the project in the medium term.

Beyond the novelty, that Mozilla VPN It is finally available in Spain (and other territories), nothing has barely changed since the proposal was clarified and if there is something that stands out about this service, it is coming from where it comes, which is an important asset, but not definitive. , given the enormous competition that exists in the segment of VPN providers.

As we collected at the time, Mozilla VPN does not use its own infrastructure, but rather uses that of the Scandinavian provider Mullvad VPN, based on the protocol WireGuard, the new Linux standard for creating VPNs already present in numerous services such as CloudFlare’s Warp and with support for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows through native clients.

The main features of Mozilla VPN include client-side encryption, a limit of 5 devices connected simultaneously, 400+ servers in 30+ countries, no bandwidth restrictions, no activity logs and a refund policy that guarantees money back if the subscription is canceled before 30 days.

Regarding the cost of the service, it has a single connection plan, the price of which varies depending on the time Mozilla VPN is contracted: 9.99 euros per month in the monthly plan, 6.99 euros per month in the semester plan in a payment of 41.94 euros and 4.99 euros in the annual plan in a payment of 59.88 euros.

Mozilla VPN does not look bad, it must be said: the price is competitive, the privacy policies are consistent, the server and localization offerings are generous, and Mozilla behind the service gives it a certain luster that many users will appreciate. On the other hand, the competition in the segment of VPN providers is as mentioned fierce and Mozilla VPN does not improve the present.

As an example, Mullvad VPN itself costs 5 euros per month and without requiring a minimum subscription period, and it is not the number one in the market or the one that offers the largest number of servers and locations, nor is it the cheapest. A) Yes, Mozilla VPN’s main asset is, as we have already pointed out, its name. It will be necessary to see if it is enough to attract users and that the invention is profitable for them.

In this last respect, it should be remembered that Mozilla is not going through its best moments: the last thing that was known (we have run out of the main meter) about Firefox’s market share is that it continued to fall and if the bulk of the company’s income comes from Google for including its search engine as default and Firefox does not stop losing market share …

Hence, Mozilla VPN arises: from the company’s urgent need to earn some economic independence in the present and survival in the future. If you are interested in knowing more, you have all the information about this product on the Mozilla VPN official site.

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