new USB 3.2 enclosure for M.2 SSD with RGB

ASUS presents ROG Strix Arion, its new case for M.2 SSD

Luckily for us, the price of SSDs has been going down and, almost at the same time, their performance and capacity has risen.

Currently we can find for about affordable prices 512GB or 1TB SSD even, where we are already seeing some of 2 TB which are interesting in the euro / GB ratio.

ASUS Like other brands, they are seeing a reef to be exploited in this field, where in this case the brand has not launched a SSD external as such, but a housing so that we can include the model that suits us best, and always providing the maximum benefits.

This model is the ROG Strix Arion and arrives as an outer shell for M.2 with support for formats up to 2280 under the interface NVMe. This does not imply that it is limited to this format, since in addition to 2280 it supports 2230, 2242 and 2260, everyone PCIe NVMe.

The problem that the vast majority of these accessories carry is that users trust the product they buy and often think that they will be able to introduce high-performance devices in them without problems. Unfortunately, only a few models are capable of guaranteeing performance.

Is ROG Strix Arion you will not suffer from problems such as bottlenecks or throttling by elevated temperatures, since it is made entirely of aluminum and will include a high quality thermal pad for our SSD, allowing temperatures to be kept in check.

Installation without any tools, RGB and more


Another of the key points of this ROG Strix Arion is the fact that we will not need any kind of tool to install our SSDas the mechanism slides and the set screw is easily accessible and tight. How could it be otherwise in a product ROG, this case will have compatibility with Aura Sync, where we can change and synchronize the RGB LED what includes.

Such compatibility is provided through a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C, which will offer us a theoretical bandwidth of 10 Gbps, where the other end of the cable will be the already common USB Type A, since not all current PCs support, at the moment, the Type C.

What’s more, ASUS It includes with its casing a fastening system to be able to carry it with us well tied and that it does not get lost, as for example in a backpack, a carabiner or the like.

For now ASUS will begin to introduce this ROG Strix Arion From the day October 8th in Taiwan and will progressively spread to the rest of the world in an unspecified period. What we do know is that it will arrive by a price approximate of about 60 euros.

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