Nuestra Belleza Latina: What is the country with the most crowns?

. Aleyda Ortiz was the last Puerto Rican queen to be crowned in the history of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Puerto Rico with a total of three crowns is the territory with the most triumphs in the history of Nuestra Belleza Latina, the Univision reality show that has consecrated personalities such as Melissa Marty, Aleyda Ortiz and Vanessa De Roide with great recognition.

Representatives from countries such as the Dominican Republic and Mexico have won the Nuestra Belleza Latina crown on two occasions.

Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador and Nicaragua are the countries with the lowest number of winners, this because each country has emerged victorious in a single season of the important television competition of Univision.

Here are the Puerto Rican queens in the history of Nuestra Belleza Latina:

Melissa marty

Born in the town of Mayagüez in Puerto Rico, Melissa Marty filled the Puerto Rican people with pride by crowning herself Nuestra Belleza Latina in the second season of the reality show in 2008.

Before venturing into the acting industry in the Anglo-Saxon market, Marty was part of productions on Spanish-speaking television networks such as Univision, Galavisión, Telefutura and Azteca América.

At present, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008 resides in the city of Los Angeles and has participated in television series of great relevance in the United States such as “Station 19” and “Jane The Virgin”.

Melissa Marty has been happily married to Puerto Rican engineer Nelson Rosa since April 2015. The couple have no children in common.

Vanessa de roide

Vanessa De Roide, a native of the Carolina municipality in Puerto Rico, is a prominent beauty queen and television presenter who was crowned Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2012.

During his year of reign as Nuestra Belleza Latina, De Roide was one of the talents of television programs such as “Sábado Gigante”, “El Gordo y la Flaca”, “Sal y Pimienta” and “Despierta América”.

The 33-year-old interpreter is known in Puerto Rico for having participated in beauty pageants such as the Miss Universe Puerto Rico and Miss Earth Puerto Rico.

Vanessa De Roide has been married to Spanish businessman Jorge Menéndez since November 2014. The couple are the parents of a common daughter and are in sweet expectation of a new baby.

De Roide is co-founder of the modeling agency ‘Iconic Model Search’ and served as National Director of Miss Earth Puerto Rico in 2020.

Aleyda Ortiz

Aleyda Ortiz, a native of Bayamón in Puerto Rico, was crowned Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2014.

Ortiz is the third Puerto Rican woman to be crowned Nuestra Belleza Latina, giving Puerto Rico a historic triumph by becoming the territory with the largest number of queens.

The 32-year-old interpreter confessed through her official Instagram account that becoming the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2014 allowed her to grow professionally and personally to be the woman she is today.

Nuestra Belleza Latina 2014 is married to financial advisor Ricardo Casanova. The happy couple resides in the city of Miami in Florida.

Aleyda Ortiz is the host of Univision productions such as “El News Café” and “Gangas + Deals”.

Ortiz was the first finalist in the ninth season of the Univision reality show “Mira Quien Baila” that aired in early 2021.

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