Phanteks presents its Eclipse P360X, Evolv Shift Air and Neon Digital-RGB

Phanteks Evolv Shift AIR

The evolution of the series Evolv arrives with this new version of Evolv Shift AIR, a chassis that is focused to maximize airflow mini-ITX.

It retains a shape very similar to the original box, where the concept remains unchanged, but now what the brand calls “sleek modern design ».

This design sets the trend for this type of box with different proportions, where the side panels are made with a high-performance mesh fabric.

This improves the passage of air and allows the flow to reach all components evenly. This new Evolv Shift AIR it maintains the compact box concept but is extremely space efficient for its size.

Made of aluminum, this new version will allow already buyers of the Original Evolv Shift to be able to buy the new panels, upgrading its chassis to the new version.


It will come through the version Evolv Shift AIR (Black / Anthracite Gray) at a cost of 99.99 euros, while the panels called Evolv Shift AIR Fabric Mesh Panel (Single) will be sold separately for the aforementioned at a price of 19.99 euros.

Phanteks Eclipse P360X


This new chassis is a direct evolution of the already known Eclipse P350X, from where he gets his key concept.

The improvements are brief, but at the same time interesting, since it includes a system of Automotive D-RGB lighting with 3D LEDs, where its design on the front does not prevent the air flow from being improved through new ducts.

It will arrive with a tempered glass side panel same as him P350X original, it will support high-end liquid cooling systems, although it maintains a compact size and will allow the installation of graphic cards in vertical format.

Is Eclipse P360X it will come at a price of 69.99 euros.



They will be the spearhead of Phanteks for the modding market and gaming and LED lighting in general.

And is that these strips LED NEON DIGITAL-RGB They will arrive in three different options: M1 with a 1 meter LED strip, M5 with a 550mm LED strip and a combo kit which includes 2x 400mm LEDs with motherboard adapter and extension cable.

All versions have a Ultra flexible silicone cover for durability, where the LEDs are also of high quality, enabling a wider color gamut and smooth, color-stable lighting effects.


The version Neon Digital-RGB LED Strip 1M will be sold for 21.90 euros, while the version of 550 mm will come at a price of 14.90 euros, where to finish we will have the Combo Kit At a price of 19.90 euros respectively.

All products of Phanteks will go on sale throughout this month of September.

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