Photo: Di María took eight hours to get the America’s Cup tattooed with a shocking design

I was thirteen Angel Di Maria in search of a title with the Argentina Senior National Team, after winning the U-20 World Cup and the Gold Medal in Beijing 2008 with youth categories, and finally arrived with the America Cup 2021 in the Maracana itself. For him it has a special meaning of perseverance and that is why he decided to tattoo the trophy.

He missed the finals of the 2014 World Cup (also in Maracana), Copa América 2015 and 2016 against Chile. All due to injury or muscle discomfort that left him unable to live those unique moments. He declared that he will always have doubts about what would have happened in the past definitions with him on the court.

That doubt was not in 2021 because he started and scored the only goal of the commitment, with a “hat” to goalkeeper Ederson. At the age of 33, he was delighted to lift the glass and tattooed it on his left leg.

“Thank you very much friend for this terrible tattoo. The day has come to be able to make myself one of the trophies that I most wanted to have on my skin for life. LET’S GO ARGENTINA ”, he wrote on his Instagram next to the photo of the finished work.

Ezequiel Viapino was in charge of making the work of art for the PSG footballer, it took eight hours in the process.

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