Pogacar shows its most human side

07/17/2021 at 7:29 PM CEST

One day after his second victory in Paris, Tadej pogacar showed his more human side. Perhaps the 22-year-old freak didn’t have that competitive dose needed to move the 58-tooth single chainwheel like an alien, crushing everyone. In fact, he once saw that Wout van Aert, another incredible runner, he was intractable with an unattainable time in the time trial, the Tour leader settled for keeping the type and waiting with some nervousness for the party on the Champs Elysees where there will be almost no podium so that he can hang up all his jerseys (the yellow, white and polka dot).

In fact, the differences between the top ten in the general standings were so clear that it was impossible for anyone to win or lose place, if they took off Richard Carapaz, who had numerically the second position within reach, but cyclistically with nothing to do in front of Jonas vingegaard, much better than him on the stage of a time trial.

So Van aert He took the leading role in the Tour for a day to win in Saint-Émilion, to take advantage of a certain relaxation among the general patterns and to see in an incomprehensible way how the jury that awarded the prize to the supercombative cyclist of the race forgot about him to give the French distinction Franck bonnamour whose only merit has been to sneak unsuccessfully on a few escapades.

Van aert He was one of the ‘culprits’ who destroyed the Tour during the first week, he worked as a gregarious in the Jumbo and still had time to win the stage of the two climbs to Ventoux and the final time trial in a Dutch team that did not lose their composure afterwards of the abandonment due to the fall of your reference and leader of ranks Primoz Roglic. They have gained stages, they have presented in society to Vingegaard and they have always been seen in the Tour despite finishing the test with only four riders.

Very different from what the only Spanish team participating in the Tour has done; a Movistar that today will arrive in Paris very far from the objectives set: they have not been able to place Enric Mas on the podium in Paris, they have not won any stage, although Imanol Erviti and Alejandro Valverde were close, and they have not even managed to maintain the tradition of recent years; to prevail in the classification by squad, something they had done from 2015 to 2020 except for the 2017 Tour. Today they will arrive in Paris in ninth place in the team table, two hours from Bahrain in Pello Bilbao, who without making so much noise has managed to run with skill to finish in the top ten; ninth, just three places behind Mas’s sixth place.

It is true that cycling, unlike other sports, depends a lot on the form of the athlete and that at times he collapses, as happened to More because of the heat in the Ventoux and because of the humidity in the Portet. However, Movistar has not succeeded with the foreign signings that other teams have managed to manage with skill and the renewal that began a few years ago to find a replacement for Valverde could end with the departure of Catalan Marc Soler.

Pogacar, in his world

While, Pogacar He will arrive in Paris tomorrow as all champions usually do, giving the same to the cyclist who stands on the right or left to share the podium. Possibly, to Pogacar the only thing that should be asked of him in the future is to calm down in the first mountain phase of Tour 2022 so that he attacks in the third week, as he did in Portet and Luz Ardiden, and thus give a little more emotion to the race even if he ends up doing the same thing he will do today or he did in 2020 and that is nothing other than arriving dressed in yellow on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

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