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Image of Ravonna Renslayer in Loki 1x04: Event at the Nexus

Loki series finale spoilers notice


At the gates of the debut of the Judge Ravonna Renslayer on “Loki”, the actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw It advanced that throughout the six episodes we were only going to witness what the origin story of this character is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first details that were arriving from the adaptation of this character from the comics to the live action format already anticipated that there were certain differences with respect to the history of the comics where we know that he has a close relationship with the villain Kang. The actress’s statements seemed to predict that there was a lot of history yet to be told about Renslayer beyond what we would see in “Loki.”

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The end of the first season of the series about the god of deception has left the door open to the history of Renslayer or rather of this variant who worked at the Agency for Temporal Variation. When we last saw her in Loki, I was going to seek free will, without being very clear what it meant. What it did seem is that he was going to fulfill some kind of mission or plan that El Que Permanece had entrusted to him when he provided certain documentation through Miss Minutes.

In new interviews the actress and the main writer behind the series, Michael waldron, have advanced part of the future of this character also emphasizing in what situation we left Renslayer at the end of “Loki”. Mbatha-Raw begins by summarizing Ravonna’s arc in the first season:

[Todo empieza] very neat and black and white for Renslayer…. As your reality begins to unravel … it grows more desperate, and the stakes are more and more.

Waldron continued the analysis:

She is a very complex villain who has its own set of principles and beliefs that move it. He does not believe that what he is doing is bad…. Renslayer probably wishes she had never found out that the Time Keepers were fake, that they could have kept doing this forever… She is the good AVT soldier, just a disciple of the bureaucracy. It is then revealed that it is a lie to her. Instead of that galvanizing her into questioning her life purpose, like Mobius did, Renslayer wants to stay in power. Reacts rather with anger.

It is interesting that parallelism that Waldron raises of how Mobius and Renslayer react differently to the same revelation.

Looking further to the future, Mbatha-Raw does leave a potential trailer for Renslayer and the multiverse in season two:

The idea of… there are other variants of Renslayer at different times, it was amazing for me. We just got into this at the end of the series. But you realize that the Multiverse is so epic. The possibilities are endless. There is so much potential for what is on the other side of that Gate of Time. At the end, she wants revenge on whoever set up this whole facade.

The second season of Loki has many questions to answer and even more directions to explore. Following Renslayer’s path to Kang will undoubtedly be an important part of next season, but if we’ve learned anything from season one, it’s to expect an unexpected journey. Could his character be redeemed? Will you meet the benevolent variants of Ravonna? Is there a new Renslayer running the AVT? How will she respond when she learns the truth about the One Who Remains, and that he is dead at the hands of Sylvie?

Image of Loki 1x06: All the time.  ForeverImage of Loki 1x06: All the time.  Forever

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