Sung Kang rumored to be the Fifth Brother in Obi-Wan Kenobi

Editing of Sung Kang and the Fifth Brother

If there are some rumors that are sounding louder and louder, they are those that place the Inquisitors in “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. It is something that practically all of us have assumed that we are going to see, who specifically we are going to see is different. If we are going to see any new ones, or if those seen in other products such as “Star Wars Rebels” or “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” are going to be recovered.

If the actress Moses Ingram was already placed to play an Inquisitor, now the actor is also talked about Sung kang, another of the confirmed names in the cast of the Star Wars series for Disney +. This time it is pointed out that he would be in charge of giving life to the Fifth brother, a character that we have seen in the animated series “Star Wars Rebels”. He would be just one of several Inquisitors said to be in the series.

To all this, in a recent interview, Kang has talked about his experience on the set, mentioning having seen Darth Vader and Jedi-like characters during main photography, which supports this whole idea that we are going to see several characters with lightsaber in the series.

Adding to this, it is pointed out that we will have a young Leia in the series, a rumor that comes from afar. Now the additional detail is added that this would be interpreted in the series by Vivien Lyra Blair, seen in “Bird Box” and “We Can Be Heroes”. It is said that Princess Leia will have an important role in the history of the series.

Recall that the series is currently in the filming phase, with a view to a potential premiere on Disney + in 2022, although they have not officially given a date yet.


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