Supergirl and the Batmobile in leaked images from the set of The Flash

Fan-art concept art of Batman and Flash by George Evangelista

New batch of images leaked behind the scenes of the film “The Flash”. After seeing a featurette a few weeks ago with a lot of behind-the-scenes footage, now we bring us some images with the first look at the Batmobile and Batman’s Batcave by Michael Keaton, which returns for the Scarlet Sprinter movie.

Given that these photos of the Batcave, a modified version of Burton’s, and the Batmobile are the first glimpses we’ve had of them, and it’s unofficial, we should talk about spoilers.

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Accompanying this, we have an image of what appears to be a screen test of Sasha Calle in her Supergirl outfit. This gives us a better idea of ​​the superhero’s costume versus the material we already saw from the set a few weeks ago. We also have a new look of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen.

These images are obviously being deleted but, for the moment, they are still available on some sites like Reddit.

We are still waiting to see Michael Keaton in his suit, or even see Miller in his Flash suit. Production will move to Scotland shortly, so hopefully more photos from the set will appear.

“The Flash” will hit theaters on November 4, 2022.

Sasha Calle’s camera test as Supergirl

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Michael Keaton’s Batman Batmobile

Set image

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