The 20 things that happen on the Internet every minute

The creation of Internet, occurred in 1983, arose with the motivation to connect geographically distant people and cultures, creating digital spaces in which to exchange opinions, accumulate data, information and stories about the whole world, but what are the real figures of what happens on the internet every day? Know now the 20 things that happen on the internet every minute.

The 20 things that happen on the Internet every minute

Sometimes thinking about large number of numbers that the Internet contains and moves It may be surprising, but it can also generate some “fear.” For this reason, before introducing the subject, we must try to see the vast amount of the Internet from another point of view. In 2019 it was calculated how much space the information contained in the network occupies and this figure is really incredible: 5 million terabytes , which corresponds to a thousand gigabytes, a million megabytes and a billion bytes, in short, as if to say “a thousand thousand trillion things.” Figures that are very large, but that, if measured from a smaller perspective, are not “so scary.”

From this approach we can analyze what happens on the network every sixty seconds with a list of 20 things that happen on the Internet every minute demonstrating that environment 2.0 is constantly active.

In this way, to understand the large amounts that the Internet moves every minute, software company DOMO has published an infographic on how much data uploaded, downloaded, shared, viewed online each minute.

Here is the list of 20 things that happen on the Internet every sixty seconds:

Social media

Instagram : 347,222 users publish a story every minute on the social network of images and short videos;
Instagram business: company or personal brand profiles advertise 138,889 publications;
Twitter : every sixty seconds it gains 319 new users;
Facebook (actions): platform users share 150,000 messages per minute;
Facebook (uploads): the same users always upload 147,000 photos in the same period of time;
Linkedin : 69,444 people are looking for work every minute on the dedicated social network;
WhatsApp : the number of messages is impressive, we are talking about 41,666,667 messages per minute in the world;
Reddit : 479,452 people interact with the content of the site.

Video and audio

Netflix : number of users per minute 404,444;
Youtube : 500 hours of video content is uploaded every minute;
Tik Tok : 2,704 people install it every sixty seconds;
Spotify – 28 tracks are added to music libraries every minute;
Microsoft Teams : connects 52,083 users;
Zoom : hosts 208,333 meeting participants every 60 seconds; The calls and video calls per minute, in total, there are 1,388,889.

Purchases and money spent

Doordash – 555 meals are ordered per minute (the app is not used worldwide);
Venmo (Pay Pal payment service) moves $ 239,196 per minute for payments of a different nature.
Amazon : 6,659 orders go out every minute; The money spent on the net every minute it is $ 1,000,000; Meanwhile he money spent on apps every minute is $ 3,805.

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