The 4 most talked about follies of John McAfee

Eccentric like few others, John McAfee was a genius who squandered his fortune in a few years after turning to gold by creating one of the most famous antivirus on the planet. McAfee’s crazy life ended this past Wednesday when he was found dead in a Barcelona prison, where he was waiting to be repatriated to his country, the United States.

He represented like no one else being a mad genius, a misunderstood person who had business skills and who ended up being eaten by his own character. His story leaves a trail of controversies, murders, drugs, prostitution, cryptocurrencies and conspiracies that ended his life.

The intern

From a young age, John McAfee’s life was not easy. His father, Mr. McAfee, was an alcoholic as a result of his participation in World War II, and he beat his mother and John himself. One day he shot himself in the head.

This death forever marked John McAfee who began using alcohol and drugs. This did not prevent his academic career from being brilliant and he graduated from Salem University and began to do a doctorate from Louisiana.

Here started a relationship with his intern. He ended up being expelled from his doctorate and marrying the fellow.

Drugs and NASA

With a brilliant mind, he started programming for NASA and at the same time, he became addicted to cocaine. “It was common to consume at mealtime” He confessed years later. During these years he lost his wife, cheated on his mother, and lost his job at NASA. He stopped using cocaine for the next 30 years.

Murder of a neighbor

Clean and after becoming a millionaire thanks to the famous antivirus. McAfee settled in Belize where he got hooked on cocaine again and held endless parties in a luxurious mansion on the island.

One day, his neighbor turned up dead and McAfee began investigating him. He always said that it was the local mafia that did not welcome his way of life.


Throughout his life, John McAfee lived with the idea that certain conspiracies were after him. He appeared several times to represent a party politician and get to the White House.

In addition, he began to have relations with far-right parties, while praising the governments of Cuba and Che Guevara. His busy life led him not to file many of the taxes that he contributed and this cost him his arrest in the fall of 2020 when he was in Barcelona working as a cryptocurrency ‘miner’.

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