The disqualification at the start of the Sail GP complicates the options of the F50 Victoria

07/17/2021 at 7:49 PM CEST

The F50 Victoria defended the leadership of the SailGP circuit in the British Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend in Plymouth waters, but a disqualification in the last test of the first day removes Spain from the general leadership and complicates it qualifying for the grand final. According Xabi Fernandez, today wing trimmer of the Spanish team, “I think that the judges have made a too tough decision, and above all that it is a situation that occurs a lot in this type of cross outings and penalizing us thus can create a precedent & rdquor; and added “It was a shame, this “black flag& rdquor; it puts us in a complicated place. We’re not happy, but we have to accept it and I’m sure tomorrow will be better & rdquor ;.

The United States remains as the leader after the first day of the British Grand Prix, followed by a single point by Australia and France, second and third respectively. Spain occupies the fifth position seven points behind the third place that would allow it to enter the final tomorrow, which will be determined after the first two tests tomorrow.

The starting crew of the F50 Victoria on this first day in English waters has been formed by Phil Robertson (cane), Xabi Fernandez (wing trimmer), Taylor canfield (flight controller) and Mateu barber Y Ñeti Cuervas-Mons (grinders).

The first test in Plymouth was important to see the performance of each boat after the changes of crews that most of them have undergone, among which is the F50 Victoria, because many of its athletes are in the Olympic Games . Only the United States, Denmark and France supported all their crew.

The departure was once again discreet for those of Phil Robertson, but as usual, the Spanish boat was climbing positions in a heat in which there were no excessive changes. Australia took the lead from the same start and no longer gave the rest of the fleet a choice, winning with authority ahead of the United States and France. The F50 Victoria had an intense fight with Japan, with whom during the entire test it disputed the fourth and fifth places. In the end the Spaniards took the jack to the water and crossed the finish line in a great fourth position.

In the second race, the F50 Victoria improved at the start and was able to fight for the lead. Australia, again, went free sailing in the lead, so the fight would focus on seeing which boats would be able to accompany them. France, Denmark and Spain were the candidates and were able to break through the rest of the fleet. The Spanish boat was at all times fighting with the Danes and the French, but in the last stage they stood out, entering the F50 Victoria in fourth position, repeating position and keeping intact their options to fight to be in the final tomorrow. Surprised japan, the a priori rival of the Spanish day, who came out eighth and was not able to regain any position.

The third test of the day was very important. The Spanish team knew it and took a risk at the start, where they crossed the starting line first, but Jury understood that they had risked too much, endangering Denmark and the United States, who had the right of way. This caused the referees to ipso facto disqualify Robertson’s, leaving Spain out of the race. Phil Robertson, cane of the Spanish team, described as “unfair & rdquor; the decision and declared “I believe that we have not endangered anyone and that the infraction has been excessive. Even reviewing the videos later we still think the same & rdquor ;. And he adds “it has been a hard day, but I think that despite everything we have done quite well on this day & rdquor ;. In this line, Fernandez He added “we have fought in the first two tests to be close to the lead, with very good results & rdquor ;. With regard to the third test, Great Britain and the United States were competing for the head, placing those of Jimmy Spithill ahead with a good income over those of Paul Goodison, that he compensated at home after two bad first results. The United States would win, followed by Great Britain and France.

The light wind, which was between 9-11 knots of intensity (18-21 km / h) from the south-southwest, caused that there were no great changes or opportunities throughout the entire test, where the fleet had to be very pending not to fall into any wind well and to keep the boats in the air for as long as possible.

Two qualifying tests are scheduled for tomorrow Sunday (starting at 3.30 pm) and the first three will go on to play the grand final.


United States, 19 p Australia, 18 p France, 18 p Denmark, 12 p Spain, 11 p New Zealand, 11 p Great Britain, 10 p Japan, 9 p

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