The mythical award received by the best of the F1 sprint race

The Formula 1 recovers this Saturday one of the most mythical traditions of Formula 1. When you think of a historic podium of the ‘Great Circus’, it is practically impossible not to visualize the three drivers without a laurel wreath, an element that was previously given to the Top three race finishers to celebrate their position. However, in 1985 this tradition was put to an end (the last to receive it was Alain Prost at the 1985 Italian GP), since the huge crowns that were placed on the shoulders of the pilots covered the sponsors, who paid a real millionaire to appear in the overalls of the idols of all motoring fans. It is true that today, somehow they are still present in the races, since the cap of Pirelli that the pilots wear on the podium have laurel wreaths drawn. But in this 2021 F1 British GP, this mythical gift to the best pilots will be recovered again.

It will not be in the race on Sunday, but it will be in the sprint qualifying race that will be held this Saturday (5.30pm) within the new weekend format that F1 tests in this event as an experiment and that will also be tested, possibly with some modification, in Monza and Interlagos. The intention of this new weekend format is to increase the excitement in all aspects, and one of the main ingredients is the sprint qualifying race, which will determine the pole and the order of the grill this Sunday.

In addition, this Saturday appointment has a surprise for the end, with a different celebration, with a victory parade and a laurel wreath “with a unique design and a modern touch”, according to F1.

“It’s an exciting new format, so we felt it was important to create a post-race moment (of celebration) that was just as special. That moment will be a memory of the sport’s seven decades of history, in combination with a modern touch, very similar to the very concept of sprint racing itself ”, expressed days ago Alex Molina, director of shows in F1 events.

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