The novel technology used by the United Arab Emirates to create rain and thus combat heat waves

One of the countries, on the other side of the world, that are suffering from the strong heat waves that have been felt in the summer, they are the United Arab Emirates, where they have been registered temperatures of almost 50 ° C.

Faced with this situation, the National Meteorology Center of that country explained to the Gulf News that cloud seeding operations were carried out to increase rainfall.

The agency issued meteorological alerts for the east of the country due to the possibility of convective cloud formations associated with more precipitation and winds with speeds of 40 km / h that cause displacement of dust and sand.

Finally, the rains were registered this Wednesday and Thursday in several regions, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Convective clouds form due to high temperatures on the Earth’s surface, which cause warm, humid air to rise through the cooler surrounding air in the atmosphere.

Given the situation, in recent years, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates have been developing new technologies to induce rains in their territory. In fact, in the spring, they tested drones that can cause rain by applying electric shocks to clouds without using chemicals.

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