Today is the day of the Internet and this is how our lives have changed

As every May 17 since 2005, Spanish-speaking countries celebrate the internet day. A very important event not only for technology users, but for anyone. There is no doubt that the Internet has changed our lives quite a bit for the better. The Internet, fully implemented in modern societies, presents itself as a challenge in those developing countries. But, in addition, we want to look back and remember how this network has managed to change our lives. What at first was an experiment of a military nature, has meant the great technological revolution of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Internet Day: How We Have Changed

there are things in which the Internet has managed to change the habits of any person. Only 20 years ago you could not say that the network was in its infancy precisely, but we do not enjoy high speeds. Back in the year 2000, the usual thing was to connect to a 56K modem, which to top it off suffered cuts when a call came in. The appearance of ISDN networks and the implementation of the Wi-Fi system to change everything, was the previous step to ADSL and fiber networks, which we can currently enjoy.

The Internet has achieved that we relate to our environment in a different way. We have changed our buying habits, doing them to a great extent through online platforms. Young people, and not so much, no longer set foot in a travel agency to go on vacation, they look for cheap flights and promotional hotels on the internet.

You no longer have to wait for a replacement to enjoy a series on television or a movie. All you have to do is search for it on the web or subscribe to a multimedia content platform. How many people have thrown away records and CDs to replace them with tools like Spotify or Apple Music?

In the domestic sphere, we enjoy smart speakers that provide us with any information, they are capable of turning off the lights for us or giving us the latest news. Something that, a few years ago seemed like science fiction and that it is already a fully implemented reality. So much so that Amazon, Google or Apple have developed devices of this type.

Internet and the work-educational environment

A very topical issue, banking. The closure of offices that is taking place in Spain is the direct consequence of online operations. There are people who no longer step on a bank at all, perhaps for some important management that requires some type of signature, but nothing more. From requesting a credit, checking your accounts or making a bank transfer, everything can be done from your mobile phone. And with the same guarantees as if you were in the office.

The Internet has also emerged as a great platform on which cloud services operate. Something that is a growing trend and that we can enjoy in different versions. Just as content platforms are destroying our collection of movies and discs, cloud storage services are doing the same with accessories such as external hard drives.

A pandemic had to come for us to realize the role of the Internet. Being able to telework, many companies continued to insist on the physical presence of the worker, when it has been shown that, in many cases, this is not necessary. The good network infrastructure that we use has allowed video calls to be a constant. We must adapt to reality in such a way that the Internet is a vehicle for our benefit, not an obstacle to overcome.

The shadow of the coronavirus also hovered over the educational field, as it caused many universities, institutes and schools to go to work and continue educating thanks to the Internet. It is obvious that physical contact and dealing with peers is essential for the integral development of a student, but in this case, the Internet managed to save the furniture.

Matters of Tangled Hearts

Do you remember the movie Caravan of Women and the Singles of Plan? Internet came to revolutionize the world of relationshipsWhat used to be done through advertisements in the press or calls to the radio has its digital version. There is no doubt that it is a good way to expand our social circle, and good proof of this is the number of times they have arisen and with which we can interact. It doesn’t matter if you are in Spain and you want to communicate with someone from Alaska or Norway, the possibility already exists. And from the comfort of your phone or computer.

The challenges to be assumed

The challenges currently facing the Internet is to continue expanding and arrive on equal terms with anywhere in the world. The digital divide is a real problem in undeveloped countries, which see how their development possibilities are faced with the problem of precarious networks.

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