Video: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Blue Jays return home after a year from the pandemic

From September 29, 2019 Toronto blue jays They have not been able to step on the Roger Center to play their home games, a situation that has put them at a disadvantage during the last two seasons with respect to the other ninths. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He is also eager to return and that wish will be fulfilled this month.

The next July 30 will be the day of the welcome, the Blue Jays return to their nest after playing in 2020 and so far in 2021 at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, New York. The club was in charge of announcing the news on its social networks.

Days ago they sent a formal proposal to the Canadian federal government to enable their stadium and have the possibility of traveling from Canada to the United States without restrictions due to the pandemic. Refugees in New York were able to compete these months.

“There is no place like our home. Toronto, see you on July 30! ”, The Canadian organization posted.

Now the legion of fans will be able to enjoy the talent of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who is the top figure of the team and is going through an unforgettable year in terms of sports performance. His latest achievement was winning the All-Star Game MVP in Colorado and signing as a brand new face for Michael Jordan.

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