Visions set before and after the Skywalker saga

Screenshot of the first official trailer for Star Wars: Visions (2021)

The first look at the animated series was recently revealed “Star Wars: Visions”, a Japanese anime that will expand the Star Wars universe from September 22 on Disney +. They have already clarified that this series does not have to be canon within the events of the Star Wars franchise, but now they offer new details of how they could come together.

Remember that we are facing a set of different shorts with different studies behind them, and not necessarily related to each other. For this reason, it is possible that some of us can call them canon, and others not canon. However, what they will all have in common is that they will walk away from the Skywalker Saga.

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At a recent press conference event in Tokyo, some of the creators behind “Star Wars: Visions” revealed that their shorts will fall outside the Skywalker Saga timeline. Through IGN, who attended the Star Wars: Visions press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday, we have these intriguing new details.

Masahiko Otsuka of Studio Trigger said that “The Elder” will give us an idea of ​​an older time period, similar to the Old Republic:

For some viewers, this series could be their first experience with Star Wars, so I wanted to do something that could be enjoyed without knowing the rest of the story. So our story is not directly connected to any of the characters in the movies, but it does explore the idea of ​​the Jedi Knights and the master-Padawan dynamic in an older setting.

Hiroyuki Imaishi shared that the setting for “The Twins” will be after the events of “The Rise of Skywalker”:

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The Twins is set after Episode IX, after the Empire has been defeated by the Resistance. The remnants of the Imperial Army have raised a pair of twins in the Dark Side of the Force, and the story starts from there.

Imaishi referred to the twins looking for “a new hope”, suggesting some thematic references to that other story about a pair of Force-sensitive twins.

Production IG director Kenji Kamiyama went on to reveal that “The Ninth Jedi” will also be set after the Skywalker Saga:

I was wondering, after Episode IX, has the galaxy settled in peace? We all like the stories of the Jedi and lightsabers, but what happened to the Jedi Knights after the movie series? My story is about that.

Collecting, this Japanese anime will be composed of the following installments, each with a study behind:

Kamikaze Douga – “The Duel” Geno Studio (Twin Engine) – “Lop and Ochō” Studio Colorful (Twin Engine) – “Tatooine Rhapsody” Trigger – “The Twins” Trigger – “The Elder” Kinema Citrus – “The Village Bride” Science Saru – “Akakiri” Science Saru – “T0-B1” Production IG – “The Ninth Jedi”

As a first formal foray into anime, each “Star Wars: Visions” short has a unique Japanese sensibility that, in many ways, fits the tone and spirit of the Star Wars narrative. From the beginning, stories centered on the Star Wars galaxy have featured Japanese mythology and the Akira Kurosawa films among their many influences, and these new insights will delve further into that cultural legacy thanks to the distinctive animation style and perspective. from each anime studio.

Episodes of “Star Wars: Visions” will be available exclusively on Disney + beginning September 22.

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