WhatsApp offers encrypted cloud backups

Returning to make a special focus on security, WhatsApp is finally adding an option to allow users encrypt your backups in the cloud. And it is that despite having been seen for the first time during the month of March 2020, it was not until today when it began to expand its availability to all users.

WhatsApp has offered end-to-end encryption for chats, but the company has made it clear that encryption does not extend to cloud backups stored on Google Drive. However, with the new feature, Android users will be able to set a password before uploading backups to Google Drive.

As WhatsApp points out, encrypting your backups will mean that users will need to enter the password when restoring a backup. The company further notes that it will not be able to help if someone forgets the password, as it is not shared with WhatsApp or Google.

Whatsapp cloud encryption

Currently, the feature is only available in WhatsApp version for Android Beta. Thus, to use the function we will only have to follow the simple steps below:

Open WhatsApp options (by touching the three dots in the upper right corner) Access Settings> Chats> Chat Backup
Select the option “Encrypt your backups” and enter the section “Google Drive Settings”
To select “Create a password” and enter the same (note that here we can use the option “Use 64-digit encryption key instead” if you want to use an encryption key instead of a password) Once the process is finished, the encryption in the cloud will already be enabled

Of course, we highly recommend that you keep this password safely, since WhatsApp you will not be able to help us recover the key if we lose it.

On the other hand, there is unfortunately no information yet on the support for encryption backups for iOS users, although it is expected that as always, the company will roll out it to all users in the coming months.

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