Who Really Invented the Internet and What’s Its Story?

It is really difficult to imagine our life without Internet currently. Without a doubt, it was one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th century and it is constantly evolving. However, it was not an invention of a single person, but many people contributed to its development.

Origin and evolution of the Internet

We can place the origin of the Internet in the 30s of the twentieth century by the hand of Paul Otlet, a Belgian computer scientist. He wrote how he envisioned a radio library that would connect viewers from all over the world through telephone signals and radio waves. In this way, people could message each other and share information over long distances. Although he was a great visionary, Paul Otlet never materialized his idea.

Kleinrock, engineer, computer scientist and professor of Computer Science at UCLA, mentioned the idea of ​​the Internet as we know it today in his study “Information Flow in Large Communication Networks,” which he published in May 1961. Just a year later, JCR Licklider, an American computer scientist, spoke of a possible galactic network. Both experts, together with the computer scientist Robert W. Taylor, formulated the first idea of ​​what later became the ARPANET.

In 1968 the ‘Study of the design parameters of the computer network’ was published, in which great experts such as Jeff Rulifson and Steve Carr participated, among many others. At the same time, Lawrence Roberts and Barry Wessler succeeded in creating the version of the Message Processor Interface (IMP), which BBN Technologies was commissioned to build.

After a series of investigations by scientists from the United States Department of Defense, the ARPANET. It began operating on November 21, 1969 between Stanford and UCLA universities. By 1970 it was already crossing the entire United States, and by 1971 there were 23 computers from different research centers and universities connected.

For decades the network has been improving, and, although the Internet is an invention in which many people participated, the most relevant names are the following: Leonard kleinrock, who invented the basic technology of the Internet, Ray Tomlinson, who introduced electronic messaging, and Tim Berners-Lee, developed the HTML language and the WWW system in 1990.

At the moment 57% of the world population has access to the Internet, and the number of users who are They connect to the network through a mobile device.

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