Write your CV by hand and receive more than 30 job offers

With the story that you will read below, It is confirmed, once again, that when something is wanted, it can be achieved, despite all the obstacles or difficulties that life can put you in the way.

In social networks the story of a Mexican named Ángel Medina, originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, who has surprised many with the great idea he had to get a job.

It turns out that Angel he began to write about 30 CVs, all by hand and on notebook sheets, which he posted on various posts in his city, hoping someone would take the time to read it.

In his CV, Ángel, 44, put his contact information, added the tasks he knows how to perform, particularly in the field of farms, such as handling cattle, milking, making cheese and taming foals, and above all he stressed that he does not have “Bad vices”.

According to the Multimedios website, Medina has been through difficult times, as the man recently lost a son and was later out of work. Having no money to print his CV, he preferred to write them.

The residents of the city found out what happened and began to spread the word. In a matter of days, Ángel Medina’s story went viral through various media and the man received about 30 job proposals, of which he accepted one from Guadalajara.

“You think that things like this are going to turn out badly, but the truth is that they won’t. Sometimes things go wrong but then good things come, that’s the way it happened to me, “said Ángel after learning that he already had a job.

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