19 usage ideas for Bluetooth locators like AirTags, Tile, Samsung SmartTag

What are they come in a pack and that bought that way they come out cheaper in a unitary way, it invites many users to start buying Bluetooth locators such as AirTags or Tiles in this format. Also, the “possibilities” of these compact devices and their relatively low price are also suggestive to fall into temptation.

And it is that Bluetooth locators have a lot of potential for use, but sometimes we are not clear about what they are very good for and why not. If you are looking for ideas for devices such as AirTags, Tile, Samsung SmartTag (and others), in this article you will find them. You can also contribute your grain of sand in the comments.

First of all, a general recommendation: Bluetooth locators are suitable for placement on objects, and not in animals or people such as children or adults. You have good proof of this in our analysis of the Tiles, where we use this type of locators on a pet. In this scenario of use, the precision and range of GPS locators is much more optimal.

Use ideas for Bluetooth locators

The most common and frequent use for a Bluetooth locator is to place it on the keychain or directly be our keychain, since solutions such as the AirTag (35 euros) have straps to use it as such and others such as the Samsung SmartTag (32 euros) or the Tile Mate (24.99 euros) have a hole to pass the ring. Obviously you can use it with house keys, but also with car or office keys.

New Apple AirTag

You can too place it in the wallet, so that you are clear if you take it with you, you have left it at home or in the car (if they leave the range of action, it is usual that they show the last location) on the contrary, it is no longer in the range of action and its activity is suspicious. Although locators are usually compact, there are specific models for card-shaped wallets, such as the Tile Slim (29.99 euros) or the Chipolo Card (29.90 euros).

The essential trio before leaving home are keys, wallet and mobile … and, although you are not going to put a locator on your phone because it is precisely this device that you use to visualize the position of the locator, keep in mind that there are models as the Tiles that work in reverse, or what is the same, that you can locate your phone by “calling” it from the device. The Tile Sticker (31.99 euros), which is especially compact and sticks wherever you want, can be a good candidate for this task.

An extra that can be interesting for lovers of photography from mobile is the possibility of activate remote camera and shoot, something you can do for example with the Orbit locators (29 euros) are also useful.

And who says the wallet, says carry it in our bag, backpack or gym bag. Although you could carry it hanging using the hole in some models, you may find it interesting to store them in interior compartments or directly attach them, either in the pocket or inside the structure to make it more discreet.

This vacation you can keep a locator inside your suitcase. Thus, if the suitcase is lost, in addition to contacting the airline, know what its last location was

If you don’t have a garage and you have to be patient to park in your neighborhood, you can also save a locator in your car or motorcycle, so you won’t waste time trying to remember where you left your vehicle. Especially interesting is the AirTag thanks to the iOS parking location function

Other vehicles susceptible to place a Bluetooth locator on them are bicycles or scooters. There are models like the VanMoof that include this function as standard, but for little money and by choosing a compact model with adhesive you can assemble it yourself

Img 8375Img 8375

SAMSUNG EI-T5300BBEGEU - Galaxy SmartTag, Black Color

SAMSUNG EI-T5300BBEGEU – Galaxy SmartTag, Black Color

Samsung SmartTags are not only understood with brand mobiles, they are also understood with products from the SmartThings ecosystem, which in practice translates into power activate scenes or turn on the TVas long as it is compatible

And speaking of televisions, where is the remote? Solving that question easily and without having to remove the sofa cushions is as simple as stick a locator to the remote control.

How Samsung and Apple control that SmartTag and Airtag are not used to spy on where someone who is not their owner is


Tile Essentials (2020), Bluetooth object finder, pack of 4 (2 Stickers, 1 Matte, 1 Slim).  Compatible with Alexa and Google Smart Home, iOS and Android.  Find keys, wallets, remotes and more

Tile Essentials (2020), Bluetooth object finder, pack of 4 (2 Stickers, 1 Matte, 1 Slim). Compatible with Alexa and Google Smart Home, iOS and Android. Find keys, wallets, remotes and more

What times those of the school with our most precious gadgets with the name attached or embroidered. It doesn’t pay to put a locator in the scissors or the case, but it does adhere it to the coat and thus not lose it. Be careful because not only the little ones in the house lose clothes.

Another star accessory that we lose with amazing ease are the umbrella and there we can also put them. Taking into account its peculiar structure, the best location is probably inside, hanging from a rod thanks to the holes in models such as the Tile Mate Pro (27 euros), which also has IP55 resistance.

A classic among our forgetfulness are those glasses that we only wear to read or sunglasses. In the structure it will be difficult to place them, so it is best to put a locator in the case and make sure that you always keep them there.

The Apple AirTag against its main rivals: this is how it works against the Samsung SmartTag and the Tile


Apple computers have the “Search” function, but you can add this function to your portable simply by attaching such a fine locator such as the very fine Cube Shadow (41 euros).

Who says a laptop says other electronic devices that we usually have at home, such as that hard drive where we store photos and other documents so secure that sometimes we forget where it is.

Another electronic device that can be easily lost is headphones. A good idea if you frequently forget where you keep them is to place a locator in the cover of your helmets

Yes you play an instrument and you carry it from here to there, it may be interesting to place a locator in its case.

That your son or daughter’s favorite toy that leads everywhere and therefore lends itself to being lost or forgotten.

Speaking of entertainment, if you usually carry your Nintendo switch (original version or Lite) to liven up your downtime, you can attach or place a locator between the case and the console itself.

This one has a bit of bad slime: Are you one of those people who usually lend books and then don’t remember to whom? Adhering an ultra-thin locator to a particularly loved (or valued) specimen will not only have it under control, but it will also be a warning to sailors of possible no-return trips.

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