35 injured with toxic gas in mall attack – Telemundo Miami (51)

At least 35 people would have been injured after a subject spread an alleged toxic gas in an attack that took place this Saturday afternoon inside a Miami International Mall store.

The man – who has not yet been identified by the authorities – launched a very strong repellent spray, apparently used to immobilize large animals such as bears, inside the Bath and Body Works store of the shopping center located in the city of Doral.

Rey Valdés, a spokesman for the Doral police department, said that “apparently they already know him because he is a person who has robbed at the mall before. They were like trying to prevent and he took it, took out the bottle of bear repellent and sprayed the employees ”.

“The Pepper Spray used for self defense does not have the strength or focus of a bear repellent. A human being is not the same as an animal that can weigh 600 or 700 pounds, “the authorities said.

“We started coughing, actually, where we were and we weren’t even that close,” said a shopper who was in the mall at the time of the attack. “We felt it. We could smell it. We could breathe it.”

The poison affected a dozen employees and people visiting the shopping center, who showed mild symptoms of intoxication and were treated on the spot.

Police said the shopping center was closed for almost an hour after the incident where a suspect stole candles from a store, before getting into a yellow taxi and fleeing the scene.

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