5 useful tips and tricks

With these tricks you can prevent your Instagram account from being stolen.

You want improve security on Instagram? Apply these tricks to protect your Instagram account of hackers in simple steps. Come in now!

Instagram is a popular social network and mobile application launched in 2010. It has been designed in order to upload and share images, photos, videos and stories, and since then, it has managed to host more than 1 billion users monthly assets.

How to protect your Instagram account: 5 useful tips and tricks

It has been so popular that many people use the social platform to start their businesses and offer services using “hashtags” to reach large audiences. However, the security of your account is also important, especially if you have a large number of followers.

If you want improve Instagram security Y protect your account of possible intruders or cyber hacks, follow these 5 useful tips and tricks.

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Instagram Security Checkup

Security Checkup is a instagram function that works as a guide for the user in the review of various activities in order to offer the maximum security and protection of your account and “alert” users to a possible hack. Among them are:

Checking for login activity Reviewing profile information Confirming accounts that share login information Updating contact information for account recovery

In addition, it is worth remembering that Instagram allows its users report any type of content and accounts that seem suspicious or dangerous to you. In this sense, keep in mind that Instagram will never contact users by direct message, but through the Instagram emails tab.

And that’s not all, the platform indicates that there are other ways to protect your account and keep it even more secure. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

How to protect my Instagram account and make it more secure

Below, you can see 5 doable tricks to protect and prevent your Instagram account from being stolen based on the Security Checkup. It’s nothing to write home about, and you don’t need to be a tech savvy to pull it off. Let’s get started!

Two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a additional layer of security added by Instagram and other platforms, in order to prevent account theft. You can protect your account through phone number or authentication like Duo Mobile or Google Authentication.

And the best of all is that some countries have enabled authentication through the WhatsApp number. Once you activate two-factor authentication, the platform will send you a verification code each time you log in from a different device. To activate it you must do the following:

How to protect my Instagram account and make it more secure-Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication on Instagram

Go to the Instagram app and go to your user profile. Touch the three horizontal stripes displayed at the top right of the screen Go to option “Setting” at the end of the menu. “Security> Two-Step Authentication”.

Update your phone number and email

Instagram reaffirms the importance of keep your phone number and email up-to-date. So if you have changed your number or have lost your email, remember to update this information on Instagram.

How to protect my Instagram account and make it more secure-Update your phone number and email

Update your phone number and email on Instagram

With this update, you will be protected against theft or cyber attacks, since the platform will use this data to communicate with you in any dangerous situation.

Instagram will never send you a DM

Pay attention at this point, Instagram will never try to contact users through a direct message. So if you receive a DM assuring that you are violating security policies, that photos and images are being shared in different places or even that your account is at risk, it is most likely that it is a swindle.

How to protect my Instagram account and make it more secure-Instagram will never send you a DM-2

Instagran will never write to you by DM

We had already commented on it before, the only way it uses Instagram to contact its users is through the mail tab of the platform. To access it enter “Settings> Security> Instagram emails”.

Report questionable content and accounts

Do not forget the important of report any account that you think is breaking the rules of Instagram. And it is that for the platform it is very important to report these types of users, since thanks to this the system will be able to keep the community protected or alert about possible spam accounts.

How to protect my Instagram account and make it more secure-Report content and accounts that seem questionable-2

You can report any post that seems suspicious to you on Instagram

This is undoubtedly a form of protect your Instagram account and that of other users. To do this, you must go to the publication that you think is suspicious and click on the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right. Then, click the option “Report”, select a category and you’re done. All reports are anonymous.

Enable login request

After enable two-factor authentication You will be able to receive an alert every time an intruder tries to open your Instagram account, either from a mobile phone or a computer other than the one currently registered in the database.

You as the account owner will have the power to accept or reject account initiation. What’s more, Instagram also offers an option that allows you to keep a record of all the devices that have logged into your account accompanied by a map that shows the location, date and timeIn case of not recognizing any, it is possible to close the session immediately or indicate whether or not it was you.

How to protect my Instagram account and make it more secure-Enable login request

Instagram Login Activity

To access this option enter “Settings> Security> Login Activity”. Likewise, you can review the “Media input tray” and find out if some of your posts violate the policies or regulations.

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As you will see, the popular social network is gradually adding updates that favor the user and are always looking for protect your Instagram account, thus offering maximum security. If you liked this article, take a look at how to block someone on Instagram Stories and find out if they have blocked you.

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