Alonso feels comfortable in the sprint, the new qualifying route

07/18/2021 at 11:22 AM CEST

Sprint classification is a pilot test that is already taking place in the GP2 world championship. However, in F1 there have been many reticent voices who consider that it is more about giving a show than anything else. They are not completely misguided since what they are looking for is basically to meet the demands of the younger audience, in search of a fast, dynamic event that shows great overtaking.

The truth is that what was seen yesterday was pure spectacle, but it was incredibly fun. One of those who felt most comfortable in his car was, without a doubt, Fernando Alonso, who carried out a comeback incredible since it came out eleventh and got to be placed in the fifth position until your tires said enough.

The Spaniard managed to stay in seventh position, since he wanted to be precisely in the points zone to defend himself in a place where he felt comfortable in the real race. We will see How is Silverstone doing to the Spanish driver?.

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