Alonso’s strong response before today’s race

Ferdinand Alonso He gave a master class again yesterday with a spectacular start in the first sprint race in the history of the F1, who decided the starting grid for today’s race at the British GP Formula 1. The great animator of this qualifying round was the Asturian with an incredible start in which he advanced to 6 positions in only 5 corners, bringing out all his repertoire of lines and late braking to place fifth having started from 11th position. However, that place was unreal for his car in rhythm in a long run and it did not take long to drop to seventh place when he was overtaken by the two Mclaren. And with the soft tires very touched, he was able to defend his position against Vettel, achieving a good seventh place on the starting grid today. The Spaniard knows that he will have to sweat a lot again to endure in the points zone due to the rhythm of his car against faster rivals, but despite this, his winning instinct makes him think about higher heights.

“Can you imagine repeating today’s outing this Sunday? With 6 positions you would be 2nd … ”, asked MD to the Oviedo yesterday at the team press conference Alpine, failing this humble but clueless editor in the mental calculation, since with 6 places won, he would be first in the race … The answer was quick and concise. “Yes. I’ll try”He said without thinking twice and with overwhelming forcefulness. Then there was silence for a few moments. And then, Fernando lengthened his explanation.

The guys up front are fighting for bigger things than us. We will be aggressive. We have been aggressive in the last 3-4 races.

In Baku there was a two-lap race and we recovered many positions
, on
Paul ricard
and in Austria we gained positions again but they overtook us on the outside without any penalties. Here it is a bit more difficult. I hope to recover more positions tomorrow and that everyone stays on the track ”he added, making it clear that he hopes that the aforementioned will not be repeated again. Austria, when he complained that many pilots gained position in the first corner by having gone outside without returning position.

In fact, Alonso He already referred yesterday before the microphones of ‘DAZN F1’ with irony to that:
“With Norris I had the intention of going out on the outside, really, because like everyone goes out in the first round, well I say, ‘I’m going to get to Copse and if he continues on the inside I’m going to go out on the top, outside the track, and thus I advance off the track, which is what they have done to me so far
”, Assured the Oviedo in a forceful message to F1. “But it was not necessary because it lifted. But hey, I was not going to lift, “he added. And today, he does not plan to lift either. He will go on the attack.

He knows that if he manages to gain a few positions and manages to place third or fourth, that would not be his real position, but he will go for it. And even if it is for a moment, he wants to overtake the maximum possible positions despite being aware that it will not take long for him to go through the worst race pace of his car. With these details, he continues to send messages of strength for when he has a winning car. He hopes that this will be fulfilled in 2022.

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