Analysis of the British GP of Formula 1

07/18/2021 at 7:29 PM CEST

Hamilton has given a blow to the World Cup in Silverstone where he has prevailed for the eighth time after a heart attack final in which he has overcome two laps from the end to a brilliant Charles Leclerc. The race started with a touch between Lewis and Verstappen, which has generated and will generate much controversy.

1 / Incident of the year

The first lap of the race was brutal, tremendously exciting, with a very aggressive Hamilton and with Verstappen defending himself tooth and nail. Impressive. It gave the sensation that in 6 kilometers the title was played in each meter. The passionate battle ended at Copse, one of the fastest corners on the calendar, trading at around 300 km / h. Lewis – he could see himself coming – hit Max, hitting his right rear wheel, causing the Red Bull to crash into the wall at 51 G! The stewards took a long time, as the race resumed without any comment, but in the end they decided to penalize Hamilton with 10 seconds. Mercedes defended that it was a racing incident, but its driver was sanctioned for hitting Verstappen from behind. It was also a blow to the championship, as it reduced the 32 points of disadvantage with which it started to only 8. There are thirteen races ahead and many outstanding accounts.

2 / Heads and tails in Ferrari

Charles Lecrerc’s career was impressive, and he was able to take advantage of the Hamilton-Verstappen incident better than anyone else. The Monegasque led the race from the beginning until the last laps with a Ferrari that did not count in the pools and that caused Lewis to have to make the most of his car to overcome him with two laps remaining. Leclerc, who finished second, overcame moments of great tension, sometimes failing his engine, but he reaffirmed great potential and showed that the Ferrari has made a lot of progress in recent weeks. On the contrary, the cross at the Scuderia came in Carlos Sainz’s car. The man from Madrid had a great race, superb, going back to sixth place, which could have been fifth if the team had not failed again in the pitstop. The left front wheel was hitched in the derailleur and left more than 12 seconds at the stop. Going after Ricciardo ruined him Sunday.

3 / A new era begins

F1 is preparing for the future and Silverstone has been the ideal setting to show details of what the discipline will bring us in the very near future. A revolution has begun on the British track that should restore equality to us in a discipline in which Mercedes has dominated the last seven editions in an overwhelming way. We have successfully launched the weekend format, with a qualifying on Friday, a sprint race on Saturday that distributed the first points and, finally, a traditional race whose starting order was the result of the previous race. The ‘experiment’, which this year we will see in three great prizes, could be generalized from next season. On Thursday we also got to see the 2022 car for the first time and I just hope that this time F1 has hit the mark. The show cannot afford any more mistakes.

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