“At the start of the sprint race we will not think about Sunday”

This weekend, at the 2021 F1 British GP The experimental test of the change of format of Big prize, with qualifying on Friday, short qualifying race (sprint, 100 kilometers) on Saturday and long race on Sunday. Given this, the expectation is maximum. In recent weeks, much has been said about how cautious the drivers could be in Saturday’s sprint race so as not to lose too many positions heading into Sunday. Or on the contrary, of the aggressiveness that drivers with fewer options could show to gain positions for Sunday’s starting grid. Carlos Sainz spoke about this in the preview of the English event, showing himself sure that at the start of the race on Saturday, no one will save anything.

“I think that during qualifying for the sprint (Saturday race) in the first seven corners we will think very little. I know the drivers, and we will not think about the race on Sunday. I at least won’t do it at that time. Of course, then maybe we will think and take less risk ”, commented the Madrid native, seventh in the World Championship, just two points behind his teammate Leclerc in his first year at Ferrari after a good adaptation in the first races.

“It will not be an easy weekend with this new format. Understanding the approach of the weekend has cost us a few weeks ”, the Madrid native also pointed out, and it is worth noting that the teams will only have one hour (Free 1) on Friday to find the key for their car configurations. that later no modifications can be made.

“I see it as a good thing, because when you have a 23-race season like this year, everything becomes monotonous. This new format will bring freshness and allow us to work on the strategy ”, added the number ’55’, who this weekend again hopes that the front tires will suffer, Ferrari’s great weakness this year with his car, something for which, together with Leclerc could suffer more than his rivals, especially at Sunday’s race pace.

“We expect a high degradation in the front tires. We know that it could be a limitation for us, so the strategy will be decisive. Things will have to be done perfectly from the start. The characteristics of Austria helped us to be stronger in the race, but I don’t think it will help us in qualifying at the sprint ”, he added.

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