Barcelona 92 ​​’Dream Team’ NBA jerseys

In the history of sport there will always be teams or members who go down in history for their feats. Real Madrid of the 6 European Cups, Roger Federer in tennis, Muhammad Ali moving like a wasp on top of a ring, Tiger Woods with a golf club, Michael Schumacher on top of a racing car and in basketball they are and will be the ‘Dream Team’ of Barcelona 92. A group of players made up an invincible team that swept the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Pat Ewing, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, David Robinson, Laettner, and John Stockton. These were the components of that dream team that marveled at having a ball in their hands

Three years before the JJ OO of Barcelona, FIBA abolished the rule that prohibited the USA from choosing professional players to play international competitions. That day changed everything because it was the grain of sand that would end up forming a legendary set. Magic Jonhson was the first to take the step and this motivated the rest to want to be part of the basketball team. In the first months there was doubt with the participation of Michael Jordan, but he ended up changing his mind due to the expectation that basketball raised in Europe. What’s more, it was Jordan himself who confirmed his attendance. The appointment could not miss the best player of all time, despite playing uninterrupted for ten months because the Chicago Bulls won the NBA ring. In this post we are going to collect the five jerseys that the official United States quintet wore in their NBA teams.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan wore No. 45 on his return to the NBA.

Michael Jordan’s retro jerseys they are the most requested on the market because every basketball fan has to have a shirt of the player who learned to fly to crush the hoop, the song “I belive I can Fly” is perfectly associated with what Jordan was. The Bulls red, white or black T-shirt was the best seller in the 1990s. Everybody wanted to be 23rd for the Bulls, stay in the air to make a cap or simply to finish with an amazing mate. Michael Jordan did not understand physical laws, but what he did with the ball surpassed any written law. Magic, talent, brilliance, having a gift, everything, absolutely everything he had. The player who retired to go to baseball, the adventure did not last long and returned to the field to win three more rings. His retro All-Star jerseys are also highly sought after because in his professional career was chosen 14 times within the All-Star team by fans and even the shirt he wore in the Looney Tunes movie is also one of the best-selling in America. Jordan made the best decision when attending the Barcelona Games because what happened is Barcelona is basketball history.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson NBA retro jersey

Magic Jonshon was the soul of the Dream Team.

Earvin Johnson or “Magic” as he is popularly known, that nickname was earned by the magic he gave off on the track when he played at East Lansing High School. He was the first to take the step to go to Barcelona. The Lakers retro jersey with the 32 on the back hangs from the ceiling of the Staples Center in Los Angeles. His sports career was extinguished because the player announced that he was HIV-positive, but the soul of the Dream Team played the All-Star, first, and then the Olympic Games. The Lakers’ purple yellow runs through Magic’s veins who defended the Los Angeles Lakers Nike jersey for thirteen seasons, including that of his return in 1995. His confrontations with Larry Bird will always remain in the memory, that rivalry between Boston and Lakers gained more strength during the eighties and that was due to these two great players. Johson finished conquering five NBA rings. Do not hesitate to purchase the Lakers jersey with 32 on the back and for an incredible price. Do not wait more!

Larry bird

Larry Bird NBA retro jersey

Boston blonde hair, the great Larry Bird.

The blonde mane of the Garden caused an ecstasy of joy to the Boston fans. The Celtics retro jersey has an assigned name and number, Larry Bird and 33. Larry was the most reluctant player to go to Barcelona because he considered that younger players had to come and that way he would not remove anyone’s position. However, Magic Johson came into action, his great rival and friend, to convince the Celtic player to attend the Olympic event. A rivalry that was born in the 1979 college final and later moved to the NBA. The duels between these two players, Boston-Lakers, are considered the best in history. What happened next is history. Larry was a very smart player with the ball, a different forward because he saw the game like no other and knew how to take advantage of his speed very well when making decisions in those moments of tension. Take advantage of your free time and buy the Boston Celtics jersey now.

Pat ewing

Pat Ewing retro NBA jersey.

Madison really enjoyed Pat Ewing, one of the members of the Dream Team.

The Big Apple, the big skyscrapers, the Empire States, Madison Square Garden, the Knicks and Pat Ewing. Living legend of the New York Knicks and the NBA. You can find his classic jersey on sale at the official NBA store. A long career from when he landed in 1985 until the year of his retirement in 2002. A defensive wall and an attacking tank with a scoring average that did not drop below 20 points per game. The Knicks decided to remove their number and hang their retro New York Knicks jersey high up in the Garden. Every New York fan remembers the great feats of one of its most illustrious players every day.

Karl Malone

Karl Malone retro NBA jersey.

Karl Malone is one of the best scorers in the NBA. Living basketball legend.

The mountains of Utah were defended by Karl Malone, a player who never won an NBA ring, but didn’t matter to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2010. Nicknamed for his scoring facility, the “Postman” formed a spectacular duet with John Stockton for eighteen years. His retro Utah Jazz jersey is an heirloom because Karl Malone is the second leading scorer in NBA history with 36,928 points, with a promised 25 points per game.. What’s more, the ‘Postman’ was the first player to be named 11 times in a row within the All-Star team. In the final against Croatia he entered the starting five and put on a superb performance. The player was not able to win the ring with neither the Jazz nor the Lakers, his last team before retiring. He decided to leave Utah after the departure of his friend and partner John Stockton, but in Los Angeles he did not get the desired ring either. In 2006, the Jazz hung up their Utah jersey with 32 on his back and also a bronze statue next to the Stockton one outside the Vivint Smart Home Arena.

If you are an NBA fan Do not doubt complete the collection of the five retro shirts of the Dream Team players with their respective teams. They made history by getting the gold medal and it is in your hand to have this extensive collection that will leave any fan speechless.

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