Best 8 apps to choose baby names

Forget unusual names for your new baby! With this selection of apps to choose baby names, it will be possible to search for original names.

Choose the name that our baby will wear Believe it or not, sometimes it is complicated; On the one hand, there are those who prefer to name it after a close relative. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to do combinations with parents’ names and other relatives.

In the same way, there are those who want to name their child after their favorite singer, actress or athlete, for example, and there are also those who named their children after their saint. However, you need to consider the future repercussions for your offspring.

Best 8 apps to choose baby names

Be that as it may, the name is a very important decision because will be part of the identity of that being and it is your cover letter. For this reason, here we offer you the best apps to choose beautiful baby names.

4 applications to know what your child or your baby will be like

Best apps to choose my baby’s name

My baby’s nameBaby NamesBaby Name GeneratorCharliesnamesNames for babiesNames for Boys and GirlsA baby name between the 2Modern Baby Names

If you will have a baby soon and you already have apps to follow your pregnancy, then it is time to generate a name. If you can’t decide what name to give it, don’t worry; With these fabulous applications you will surely find the right one.

Thanks to these tools you can combine baby names and choose between more than 100,000 baby names until answer test to choose the perfect name for your baby.

My baby’s name

My baby's name

My baby’s name: list according to preferences and coincidences

Offers a database with 10,000 names available, which you can choose according to five parameters: size of the name (short, long, simple or compound); popularity rating based on statistics from recent years (low, medium or high); origin (Arabic, Greek, Germanic, Latin, among others); average age and sex (boy or girl names).

The app available for Android, gives the possibility that mother and father can create favorites lists and then compare for verify names in which they agreed. In turn, the application decreases the list according to tastes and coincidences between the two, until it finds the desired name.

Baby names

Excellent app where you get over 30,000 baby names that you can select according to several categories such as origin, sex, initial, meaning and pronunciation.

You can also check how popular the name has been in previous dates, save your favorites and group them by dates, gender, way of writing and scores obtained.

You will also have a map to see the origin of any nameas well as using Premium to unblock, add or share names in the feature “My Names” and make frequent name suggestions. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Baby Name Generator

Baby Name Generator

Select the ideal name for your child with Baby Name Generator

East baby name generator will help you select the ideal name for your son or daughter, since it has more than 10,000 names of both sexes so you can choose the one you like.

The names have different origins such as English, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Germanic and others. Discover names that you did not even imagine, both female and male, that you can combine with surnames.



CharliesNames: more than 10,000 names according to your preferences

Charliesnames is an app with Artificial intelligence and with more than 12,000 names of girls, boys and unisex in its database, in addition to the best known in various countries.

With Charlies you can verify the combination of the baby’s first and last names and if you decide on a compound name, it allows you to measure the compatibility between the first and middle names.

It comes in two versions: standard that is free and allows you to access all names, filter search, link favorites and add other names to the database. With the advanced version, in addition to the above you can filter or exclude according to the first or last letter and search for names of the desired length.

Names for babies

Names for babies

Baby names: an app to find the perfect name for your baby

In this application you will find a list of baby names with their origin and meaning. You and your partner can connect separately and choose the right name for your child.

Parents swipe the screen or randomly to see all the options offered by the platform and thus be able to choose names for boys and girls.

Names for boys and girls

Names for boys and girls

Best names for boys and girls

Get here the best latin names for boys and girls, combinable with the surnames and selected according to their pronunciation, sound and meaning.

More than 200 names to choose and a efficient interface, you can get the name you are looking for and share it on Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. The speed of the app is optimal so that you can use it without difficulties.

A baby name between the 2

A baby name between the 2

Choose your baby’s name from the list of common names

When installing the app and linking their accounts, parents consult and choose from more than 30,000 names, the ones you like, creating a common list; check which celebrities wear it, what is its meaning, how it is pronounced in various languages, its popularity, among other aspects.

The app has advanced filter to search names by gender, first or last letter, length of name and best names by country. You will see many original names, in trend or strange and also, it has two interfaces: fold-out or classic and slide-out or modern. As if that were not enough, the app is updated weekly and you can store in the cloud.

Modern Baby Names

Modern Baby Names

Original names or unusual baby names

Here you will have very original or unusual names which you can classify into various categories. They are names with great force, with great meaning or very similar to names of people and illustrious people who set the tone in the world.

Is a easy to use app, where you can choose the most appropriate name according to statistics made by experts in the field, with names in trend.

Now that you know about these practical applications, do not hesitate to consult them if you have doubts at the time of choose baby names; but you should know, that the name is something that we carry for the rest of our lives, so you must teach your child to love and accept it.

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