Bezos compares his rocket to Branson’s and says his is better and flies higher

The company Blue Origin, of the co-founder of Amazon, questions in a tweet that the Branson flight is really a leap into space

Branson was ahead of Bezos and announced that he would fly into space nine days before his competitor.

SpacX founder Elon Musk wished Branson luck and a safe journey from his Twitter account

On the eve of the British tycoon Richard Branson embarks on his first space flight aboard the VSS Unity rocket plane, from his company Virgin Galactic, his rival in the space tourism industry, the co-founder of Amazon, Jeff bezos, has come to the fore to discredit his competitor’s flight.

Despite Branson commenting last Tuesday that He hadn’t intended to beat Bezos in the race when signing up for the flight of your space plane to anticipate in nine days that Bezos has planned on July 20, the Amazon co-founder seems not to have taken Branson’s gesture with sportsmanship and, from the Twitter account of his space company, Blue origin, have made a comparison between both flights to conclude that Virgin Galactic’s not really a flight into space as if yours will be on board the ship New Shepard.

“From the beginning, the New Shepard was designed to fly above the Kármán line, so none of our astronauts have an asterisk next to their name. For 96% of the world’s population, space begins 100 km up the internationally recognized Kármán line“Reads the tweet from Bezos’s space company.

In addition, the publication includes a comparison between their rocket and Branson’s, which they say is not really a rocket, and in which aspects such as the height that both flights will reach, their environmental impact, the number of successful test launches of both devices and even the size of the ship windows in order to show that Bezos’ ship is bigger and that his rocket flies higher.

Elon Musk, the third in contention

Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, with their company SpaceX, are locked in a war over the emerging business of private space exploration. In this case, and despite the battle of egos between Branson and Bezos, Musk does not plan to get on any of his ships But when it comes to flight and range, SpaceX rockets have already proven their ability to bring crews to the International Space Station twice.

If we talk about size Elon Musk also wins long. His Starship ship, boosted to the Superheavy rocket of the company, it will be the greatest device to be launched into space. At the moment, a suborbital test flight of both is being prepared at the SpaceX headquarters in the city of Boca Raton in Texas and Musk’s plans are that I can fly this same month of July.

What Elon Musk has done is congratulate Branson on his flight and wish him luck.

Both have had a friendly conversation through their Twitter accounts and the owner of SpaceX has told him that he will see him on his return.

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