Boxing: Cristian Mijares and Travieso Arce will have an exhibition fight in Torren

Travieso Arce and Cristian Mijares will meet 14 years later. .

Exhibition fights have become more common, for both ex-boxers and celebrities, being Cristian Mijares and Jorge “Travieso” Arce The last to join the trend and agreed to an exhibition match.

The two former world champions are willing to face each other again, as They did it in 2007, a fight in which Mijares defeated Arce in 12 rounds, thus endorsing the WBC super flyweight world title.

At the time, Mijares himself commented that that victory against ‘Travieso’ made him lose the floor: “It came to me suddenly, out of surprise, I lost the floor. I’m not vicious, I’m not partying, but I felt invincible, I didn’t listen to my coaches, “he declared in 2015.

That is why more than 10 years later, This fight has a special flavor, since it was Cristian himself, who confirmed in his social networks that he will once again get into the ring in front of Arce, in addition, the exhibition could take place in the month of October and is handled specifically, the Auditorium Municipal of Torren as the setting for the fight.

Thanks to the power of social media, it can also be seen that both boxers have already started their training for the future fight, The possibility that the event is for charity is even handled,

“Next week we are going to sit down to sign the fight contract, we set the date and place, but it is a fact that it will be in Torren. We are going in that direction, to help an organization that helps children most in need“, concluded Mijares.

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