Boxing: Lamar Odom will have his second fight on October 10, in Miami

Lamar Odom to fight again in a boxing match

The immersion of celebrities in the world of boxing is being a reality. The Paul family they are the maximum exponents in this fighting tendency. Once seen that a Influencer fight against one of the best boxers of all time, because witness a fight of a basketball player it’s not that weird.

Unless your name is Lamar Odom, a former Laker who has come close to death from his drug problems. The player has taken this second chance and you are not going to waste it. It is also not the first match of Odom, the pvot wing faced the past June 12, in Atlantic City, against the pop star Aaron carter, who was twice the size. Odom took the victory in the second round by knockout.

The idea of ​​celebrity boxing is developed by Damon Feldman. The promoter usually hires celebrities for his boxing events. “I am the pioneer of this, I knew and I know how to put this together. I’m like Dana White in UFC. It’s my company, I built it and I’m looking to create a really great platform “added Feldman about his project.

Well, after his victory against Aaron Carter, the two-time NBA champion is going to make his second fight. The date is already announced, the place too, although the most important thing is missing, the rival to face. Damon Feldman announced it in an interview for TMZ: “I’m excited because Lamar Odom just signed the contract for him October 10, in Miami. It’s on, man. Who is going to step forward? “

In recent days, a controversy has sounded very loud. It is normal, protagonists They are three types of category, with a romantic story in between, to spice up the story.

Khlo kardashian posted a bikini photo on Instagram, drawing a response from her ex-husband Lamar Odom. A gesture that was not very well received by a former partner of Khlo, the Boston Celtic player, Tristan Thompson. The pvot responded as follows to the reaction of Odom: “God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.”

Although the probability is practically nil, since Tristan Thompson is still an active player. A fight between two NBA players it would be a very juicy claim for the public. The romantic story behind it revalues ​​the combat.

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