Boxing: Tyson Fury: “Jake and Logan Paul are fresh air for boxing”

Jake and Logan Paul are defended by Tyson Fury.

Jake and Logan Paul has not gone all that well in boxing. The stars of the ring do not look favorably on the show they put on in their exhibition fights and their criticism has put them as just a show.

But if there is someone who defends them, it is Tyson Fury. The English fighter, who prepares to face Wilder, I spoke to TMZ and asserted that the YouTubers brothers are a breath of fresh air for the sport.

“I have been quite impressed by the Pauls, both of them, to be fair, They have been a nice breath of freshness, fresh air to the boxing scene. Fantastic, guys. Well done if you’re watching, “said the heavyweight champion.

I have been quite impressed by the Pauls, both, to be fair, have been a good breath of freshness, fresh air to the boxing scene “

The most recent critic of the brothers was Canelo Álvarez who said that by not having preparation they are at risk of something serious in boxing. Also, to be upset after the way the fight against Floyd Mayweather took place.

Despite supporting them, also the Gypsy King believes that they would be very easy to defeat and that his little brother Tommy would destroy Jake No problem.

“I think Tommy knocks him out. I think that [Jake] he’s a decent fighter for sure. But I know Tommy is a dynamite puncher. “

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