Cannes 2021: Spike Lee announced Titane as the Palme d’Or winner ahead of time – .

From last July 6 until today the Cannes Film Festival has been held, where large productions seek to be exhibited before the public, filmmakers and distributors; but, in addition, they compete to obtain different prizes granted by a carefully selected jury that, this year, was led by the filmmaker Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing – 92%, The KKKlan Infiltrator –

85%, 5 Bloods – 100%). During the past week, people began to talk about the impact that some of the films exhibited such as La Civil – 90% were generating, which had an eight-minute ovation, and today the winners were announced.

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Without a doubt, today’s ceremony has given much to talk about from different points of view. On the one hand, there is the fact that the event was carried out in the most normal way possible while still keeping in mind the pandemic caused by the COVID 19 virus, on the other, that this award brought the second woman winner of the highest honor that was Julia Ducournau (Voracious – 90%) by Titane – 95%; However, what generated many reactions was a mistake that was made at the beginning of the ceremony and this was made by the same Spike lee.

The incident arose shortly after the ceremony began and was presented to the jury, when the presenter of the moment asked the director to comment on the first award he wanted to announce. It was then that Lee stood up, took an accordion out of his bun, and went straight to saying the name of the movie that would win the highest award. Although the chairman of the jury was immediately interrupted, everyone noted that the winner was Titane.

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Of course, at that moment there was a little chaos on stage with Spike confused and the other members explaining what had just happened while the presenter tried to save the moment. After what happened they decided to continue with the event to present the award for Best Actor to Caleb Landry Jones for his performance in Nitram. This did not prevent social media from being inundated with comments about the notable slip.

Later, more relaxed, Spike lee He decided to apologize to everyone in attendance for his mistake, assuring that he deserved a second chance.

In my 63 years of life, I have learned that people have a second chance. So this is my second chance. I apologize for making a mistake. It took a lot of suspense out of the night.

Although it was announced long before its time, it is to be recognized that Julia Ducournau has become the second woman to obtain the highest recognition after Jane Campion, who won in 1995 for The Piano – 90%. In addition, Ducournau has won the admiration of many since 2016 when he launched Voracious, a story about cannibalism. As for the premature announcement of the winning film, many have already compared it to the well-known error of the Oscars 2017 when it was announced to La La Land: A Love Story – 92% for Best Picture, and with the team on stage, it was confirmed that the true winner was Luz de Luna – 98%.

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