Cubans in exile hope to assemble a flotilla to set sail for the island with humanitarian aid

As calls from the international community increase to respect the rights of peaceful protesters in Cuba and to release the detainees, the Cuban diaspora plans to send a flotilla to international waters, despite the fact that the authorities consider it illegal.

“We, the Democracy Movement for 22 years have made flotillas, we have made 27 flotillas off the coast of Cuba,” Cuban exile Ramón Saúl Sánchez explained to the Voice of America.

Sánchez, who amid calls from different groups to jump into the water this Monday in South Florida to bring humanitarian aid to the island, recounted what he has experienced: “We have been attacked by the dictatorship, our ships have also been confiscated from here, because there is a presidential decree against us so that we do not enter our waters, “he said.

For his part, Rear Admiral of the Coast Guard, Brendan McPherson, reiterated the consequences of setting sail for the Cuban island despite the prohibitions: “Bringing supplies or anything to Cuba from the United States without a permit is a violation of the American law. So the Coast Guard is discouraging anyone who jumps into the sea without that permission. Number one, because it is illegal, but probably the most important thing is that it is dangerous. “

He also warned that it is “a dangerous journey” and that in the last few weeks alone, at least 20 migrants have died at sea. “We do not want it to be repeated,” he said.

With information from VOA.

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