Cubans in Hialeah support those who protest and demonstrate on the island – Telemundo Miami (51)

A phrase continues to resonate in exile: “If Cuba is on Miami Street, too”, that is why this Saturday the Cano medical centers called a demonstration that before noon attracted dozens of people to the well-known intersection of 49th Street in Hialeah .

Shortly after, there was a march that had different personalities from the community who gathered to support the demonstrations of the Cubans that took to the streets of the island last Sunday.

Dozens of people gathered on 49th Street at the height of 16th Avenue and that reached 37th Street, among them Doctor Samuel Nodal who confirmed that Cuba is not alone, God is with Cuba. Today we are still waiting for the pope to speak in favor of the Cuban people. “

Among the protesters was the music producer Emilio Estefan, who said that these are “days of hope for Cuba, we see the sun rising. (We want) it to be known that exile has never been forgotten, we are here supporting because we know that there is going to be an important step and those here and there are one Cuba ”United.

The also singer of Cuban origin Jhon Secada, who was among the protesters this Saturday, said: “the emotion I have is so great that I know what has to happen now, this is the moment, there is no other moment this is the moment” .

For Carlos Hernández, mayor of the city of Hialeah, he clarified that this “is the time to unite and show our unity as Cuban-Americans around the world.”

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