date, time and, perhaps, some more details

All Samsung Unpacked events tend to be interesting, although some undoubtedly more than others. And in this case, especially since the announcement of the news related to the ecosystem of smartwatches and Wear, the new revision of Google’s operating system for wearables that was announced at Google I / O 2021, the second Unpacked of this 2021 promises to be the most interesting.

Although there has not yet been an official statement, in the form of a summons, for a few weeks now the leaks, and even the comments of a Samsung employee, pointed out that the second Unpacked of 2021, after last April, will be held on August 11. And although it is still not an official call, now we have a new confirmation that not only informs us of the date, but also of the time, and that gives us more clues about what we will find in the event.

In this case, the leak is signed by the popular leaker Evan Bass, who has published on his Twitter account a message with an image of what appears to be the design of the official announcement of Unpacked 2021, which allegedly would have been published by mistake by Samsung Russia. In this image we can see that the event will be held, as we expected, next Wednesday, August 11 at 5:00 p.m. in Moscow, 4:00 p.m. in mainland Spain.

What is interesting, however, is in the details. For example, the call text is The future will unfold in a new way. Very soon. A common translation would be The future will unfold in a new way. Very soon, but doesn’t it strike you that, of all possible words, have used unfold? If we were missing any more confirmation that the Samung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will see the light in this Unpacked, now we have it, even if it is a bit subtle.

But that is not the only thing that the image on the right tells us, and it is that if we look at it in more detail we can reach the conclusion that there are two folding smartphones that will be presented on August 11. The one on the left of the image represents the Galaxy Z Fold 3 yes, but the one on the right? I would almost put my hand in the fire that it is about the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It seems clear that Samsung is already going strong when it comes to folding smartphones, and this Unpacked can be the starting gun for a major stomp on the accelerator.

It also draws attention, although in this case due to its absence, any explicit or veiled reference (unless I have seen) to smartwatches. Foldables undoubtedly attract a lot of interest, but since we learned of the resurgence of Wear OS, now called Wear, the collaboration between Google and Samsung and One UI Watch, the market for smartwatches has become much more interesting. Luckily Samsung already confirmed to us last month that we would see a smartwatch in its next Unpacked, otherwise you would almost think that the wait was going to be longer.

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