Denisse Novoa after leaving EXATLON offers a gift

Telemundo Denisse Novoa, ex EXATLON, has a gift for her fans

Denisse Novoa has shown that she is a little box of surprises, because in addition to being an excellent athlete, as she taught once again during her passage through the fifth season of EXATLON United States, she has also made her pinnacles in the world of modeling and not stop pampering his loyal fans.

And in a fact that is being very grateful to her followers, the former participant of the Telemundo reality show wanted to show them how important they are to her, and announced that they have a gift that many can take advantage of.

The woman from Veracruz, who was expelled from EXATLON, without knowing the exact details that led to her leaving until now, is offering a good discount to those who buy items from a clothing brand that she loves.

This was revealed by Denisse, after sharing a publication on her Instagram account, where she boasted a beautiful look from the SHEIN brand, of which she shared a link to see her designs, which we add here.

“What a great way to start the summer than at the @shein_us VIP party! Don’t miss the @sheinofficial pop-up store and use my promo code 15DENISSE to get a 15% discount! #SHEINmiami #SHEINpartner #ad “, was the comment with which the” Pantera “invited his fans on Instagram to make use of his gift, revealing his promotional code.

After the announcement, where he showed off a pint of a black shirt and shorts, a fuchsia jacket and white tennis shoes, with Lilcoln Road in Miami in the background, the compliments for the athlete were immediate.

“Bella as always”, “on fire”, “Bella … spectacular 💖”, “very fashionista”, “the best”, “you are quite a model”, and “Wow wonderful discount to buy this summer you look beautiful”, were some of the comments that the “posting” received from the Mexican.

The high-performance athlete recently took advantage of the direct communication she maintains with her thousands of fans around the planet, and shared a very heartfelt message, where she revealed what she considers the key to success.

Assuming her role as an “influencer”, the Veracruz woman mentioned that one way to challenge yourself and get ahead with greater strength in the face of adversity is to maintain discipline.

“It is important to know that not every day / week you are going to feel or see your 100%, but the important thing is to have the discipline so that even on those days you continue to contribute your bit to achieve your goal … be it exercise , business, etc. “, said” Pantera “Novoa on his Instagram.

Denisse stressed, however, that despite how indispensable it is to work hard and put your soul into things, there is another physical detail that cannot be ignored if you want to function a thousand times.

“The most important thing … listen to your body and rest … sleep your eight hours that even if you don’t believe … it’s the most important thing 🙌🏼🤍”, said the spoiled of the fifth season of EXATLON. “#Pantera #Miami #bigthingscoming #discipline #madeinMexico”.

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