Director of the trilogy of La Calle del Terror ensures that there is still material for more sequels – .

Netflix has recently bet on terror, and it did so in a very particular way with a series of films that were released in a different way than the public is used to. From the tapes that reach the big screen, the audience already knows that when a sequel is planned, they must wait at least a year to see it, however, the streaming giant preferred to take advantage of the emotions and expectations of the viewer to launch the films almost consecutively.

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This trilogy is made up of The Street of Terror, Part 1: 1994 – 93%, The Street of Terror, Part 2: 1978 –

95% and The Street of Terror, Part 3: 1666 – 85%. These are based on a series of books published since 1989 under the authorship of RL Stine, the same creator behind Chills – 76%; However, this time they are not horror stories for children, but rather horror for teenagers. The film series was directed by Leigh Janiak.

Beyond being an adaptation of the novels, it also has obvious references to slasher film classics. The films were so well received that the filmmaker is already thinking about future sequels. During an interview with Collider, Janiak commented that there is one character in particular that he would like to explore further about his origin and motivations, and that is Humpty Dumpty’s killer.

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I love Humpty Dumpty’s killer! It was in the original script. I put it there and I had a really interesting backstory that I started thinking about, about a guy who was killing people and taking parts of their body and making new people with them. Like sewing things together, like Humpty Dumpty putting things back together. And then I just didn’t really know what era it would make sense to live in and what it was, and I secretly thought there was a lot going on here. Maybe we will deal with this in another movie. […] We have ideas.

This particular character, if it were to develop, would have a sense similar to that of the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, although its motives would be different since beyond seeking an advance in science, it would begin to generate a small army with several reconstructed humans, plus it would go down a more graphic path. On the other hand, he would not search for old corpses to take parts of their bodies, but he would hunt down his own victims.

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Undoubtedly, the end of the last installment has still left several issues on the table, opening up even more the possibilities of other sequels, without forgetting that the curse of a witch would have no end repeating itself constantly. The story behind these films shows young people from different eras who are victims of an ancient curse that will not stop until it fulfills its goal that may well have no end.

The success of the trilogy of Fear Street It has not only been evidenced through criticism and their mostly positive comments, but in all the conversation that has been generated around the films on social networks. One of the great successes of the production was to have retaken young stars who have already had some closeness to the horror or mystery genre, such as Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink, who have been part of the successful series Stranger Things – 76%.

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